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In Times Of A Pandemic, How To Have A Sound Financial Plan For Your Child's Future?

Planning and budgeting your monthly expenses and keeping contingency money is critical.

We are living in perhaps the most uncertain of times. The novel coronavirus pandemic has torn apart families, robbed many of their jobs, and left parents wondering what they do here onwards to at least secure the financial future of their children. A good financial plan would ensure that all the important aspects — education, higher education and health care —are taken care of well in advance. At a time when the COVID-19 has brought in devastation across the world, it’s all the more critical to ensure your child is financially secure.

Start early

The earlier you think, the better it is. From investing in mutual funds to directly buying stocks and maintaining them for a period of 15-20 years will give you great returns in future. The earlier you invest, the better, for it saves you or significantly reduces the mental burden when your child needs money for his/her higher education. Investments held for a considerable period also grow more because of the power of compounding, banks say. Having said that, it’s important first to analyse the maintainable investment so that you continue to take care of the family’s monthly expenses without any strain.

Child insurance plan

One of the major steps towards securing your child’s future is an insurance plan for him/her. It helps your kid with the all-important financial security in future. Most importantly, it addresses the uncertainty factor the most. In normal circumstances, the child receives the corpus money once the policy term is over. However, if the parent, who pays the premium passes away before the maturity of the plan, not only does the nominee become eligible for death benefits but also the rest of the premium is waived off. Besides, the child also gets the corpus money once the policy matures.

Appointing a reliable nominee

This step is something often not paid enough attention to. Appointing a reliable nominee for your child’s investment plans becomes extremely important in the occurrence of unfortunate incidents. It may become difficult for a child to get benefits of the investment plan if no proper nominee is there to figure and help the kid get the necessary assistance.

Partial withdrawal plans help a great deal

Yes, it’s important to put together a plan for a better future for your child, but it’s best when done with the provision of a partial withdrawal. It could prove to be very helpful in times of emergencies.

Avoiding unnecessary expenses

Planning and budgeting your monthly expenses as well as keeping contingency money is critical. What’s also extremely crucial when it comes to planning your child’s future is avoiding unnecessary expenses and investing, instead.


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