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HYDERABAD: A Covid-19 positive report is having a devastating effect on some people. Going into shock and out of fear, there have been instances of people collapsing and dying.
One such incident took place in Jagtial district. A family came to a primary health centre (PHC) at Dharmapuri for a Covid-19 test as they were primary contacts of a man who had tested positive earlier in Arepalli village. Four of his family members, including his 70-year-old father Regonda Chandraiah, came for the test. All of them tested positive. When the result came positive, the aged man collapsed to his death.

A similar incident took place at Chintapalli in Nalgonda district. A 59-year-old man got a Covid-19 test done and the report was positive. As soon as he returned home, he died within one hour. The PHC had even given him medicines to take as he had tested positive.
Such ‘shock deaths’ have become common in several places of the state. In Aswaraopet of Bhadradri Kothagudem district, a 38-year-old man tested positive after his family took him to a hospital and got a test done. When an ambulance arrived in Ootapalli village to shift him to a hospital after he had omplained of chest pain after testing positive, the man started crying looking at his family members. The man died even as he looked in shock at his children and wife. The last rites of the Covid-19 patient were later performed by gram panchayat workers.
“All precautions have to be taken to prevent spread of Covid-19. But if a person tests positive, it is not that he or she should be disheartened. Even at the village level, we are creating awareness asking people to get tested if they have any symptoms and take treatment,” Kamareddy district medical and health officer Dr P Chandrasekhar Rao said.
“Many know people who have been affected but they probably may be under the impression that they are safe. It is in such circumstances when they test positive they may tend to go into a shock,” Dr Rao said.He advised people not to have fear but take precautions. If they have any symptoms, he said they should immediately get themselves tested and take treatment.


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