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I first heard about the genre of “size comparison” videos on YouTube from this article in the New York Times, written by a mom whose seven-year-old son had become obsessed with them. He’s at a developmental age where kids are finally able to sort things by size or quantify with more ease, so it makes sense that videos like this would scratch that itch. As Jenny Marder writes:

Humans are exceptional at seeing patterns, and they enjoy analogies, even at a young age, said Dedre Gentner, professor of psychology at Northwestern University. In fact, she believes it’s key to our success as a species. Patterns also have great value in a child’s intellectual development and are critical to science and math.

Both size comparison videos and sorting tasks feature more than just the objects, she said, but also how the objects relate to one another.

“That’s part of what I think is the thrill for kids,” Dr. Gentner said. “You get this constant shift off the object and into a relational pattern. It’s making sense of the world in a way that’s extremely satisfying.”

I started searching through these videos, initially thinking I’d share some favorites with my 10-year-old son—instead, I found myself enthralled. These aren’t just extremely satisfying for kids—they’re satisfying for all of us.

Come on a journey of crazy comparisons with me.


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