Show or Hide Comments in Excel

Let us learn Show or Hide Comments in Excel

How to add comments in excel cells?

  • Right Click on the cell where you would like to add a comment
  • A yellow box open’s put the comment you would like to show in the comment box
  • Click outside of the comment box. That’s it.
  • To make visible comment box in cell, right-click in cell and select show/hide comment option.
  • To make an invisible comment box in cell, right-click in the cell and select the hide comment option.
Click on Insert comment will open’s comment box

How to delete comments in excel cells?

  • To delete the comment in excel cells
  • Right-click on a cell in which comment is available
  • You will see an option called delete comment
  • Click on the delete comment button. That’s it.
  • The comment will get deleted from the cell.
Right-click on the cell with comment shows an option delete the comment

How to hide all comments in excel at once?

  • Let’s discuss, how to hide all comments in excel at once
  • There are two ways to hide all comments in excel at once.
  • The first step is to go to the ‘Review Tab’.
  • ‘Review Tab’ has an option called comments. Check the below image.
Review Tab with the comment section
  • From the comment section, you can Show / Hide comment in excel
  • Second Option or Method to Show / Hide Comments in Excel.
  • Press ALT+F10 (Only works in 2010 and later versions). Check below image
Check out the right side dialogue box shows all comments.
  • Once you press the ALT+F10 button a dialogue box appears at the right side
  • All comments listed in that dialogue box you can choose which comment you want to invisible (hide).
  • You can show/hide all comments from this dialogue box select option from the bottom as per your requirements.

Few important things to remember about excel comments.

  • To know a cell with embedded (inserted) comments are highlighted with a tiny red triangle in the upper right side of a cell.
  • Whenever a user hovers on the cell with a comment, the user will be able to see that comment.
  • Shift + F2 is a Short cut to insert a comment in excel sheet cell
  • You can copy-paste only comment with an option called paste special and select option ‘comments’
  • Now you can go to previous and next comment from the review tab option
  • And here you can place comments anywhere in the excel sheet by dragging it.
  • In the comment box, we can change the text to bold or italic and we can underline a text we want to underline in the comment box.

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