Latest News Today – YouTube App on Android Now Lets You Share Chapters From

YouTube on Android now allows users to share video chapters directly. YouTube added chapters functionality to videos last year that marked out different parts of the video — for example, Gadgets 360 review videos have chapters for things like performance, or design, so you can jump to these parts if that’s all you’re interested in. With the new update, Android users can share a chapter rather than sending a link that starts at the beginning of the video. The resulting link contains the timestamp of the chapter, so people who get the link will go directly to the part you shared. Earlier, this was only possible when using the YouTube website on your PC.

YouTube’s chapters show up as markers on the video seek bar and contain titles, indicating the end and beginning of chapters, making it easier for the viewer to jump to a certain point in the video without having to scrub through the timeline, and the feature was spotted by Android Police.

Till now, there was no way of sharing a video link with a particular timestamp through the app that would allow the recipient to start the video from exactly where you wanted.

How to share a YouTube video chapter on Android

Android users can share links to chapters in videos through the YouTube app. To do so:

Tap on the name of the chapter which shows right above the video seek bar and you will see a list of chapters with a share icon next to them.

Then, tap the share icon for the particular chapter you want and use one of the many modes of sharing to send the video to someone.

The recipient will receive the YouTube link with a timestamp that will start the video exactly from that timestamp.

The feature was spotted by Android Police on Tuesday, but in its article, it suggests that the feature could have rolled out as early as May with app version 16.20.35. We tested the feature on app version 16.24.33. In case you can’t see the new link share feature on the YouTube Android app, try updating it.

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Latest News Today – Nitin Gadkari Launches Indian Bank’s ‘MSME ‘Prerana’ In

In a bid to empower MSME entrepreneurs, Indian Bank recently launched its flagship business mentoring program ‘MSME Prerana’ in Maharashtra, which is set to begin in Nagpur, followed by other major cities in the state. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of MSME and Road, Transport, and Highway launched the program, according to a statement shared by Indian Bank. The minister said that the sector contributes 30 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 48 per cent to exports. It has also created as many as 11 crore jobs in India, said Mr Gadkari while addressing the program.

Indian Bank has provided financial assistance to its 20 lakh MSMEs with a credit exposure of more than Rs. 70,180 crore. The bank’s ‘MSME Prerana’ is launched with an objective to develop the financial and managerial capabilities of the MSME entrepreneurs, apart from creating awareness on prominent initiatives taken by state governments, Reserve Bank of India, central government, and other such agencies.

Presently, Maharashtra accounts for around 15 per cent of the country’s GDP gained through sectors such as entertainment, BFSI, auto & auto ancillary space, textiles. It is also one of the top five states with around 48 lakh estimated MSMEs, according to the MSME annual report by the ministry, said Indian Bank.

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Latest News Today – Accept Covishield, Covaxin Or Face Mandatory Quarantine,

Unless EU accepts Indian vaccine certificates, theirs will not be accepted in the country either (File)

New Delhi:

The European Union’s tardiness in accepting the Indian-made vaccines has triggered a face-off. Sources in the foreign ministry said India will institute a reciprocal policy on recognition of vaccination certificates.

This would mean that unless the European Union accepts Indian vaccine certificates, their certificates will not be accepted in the country either. People coming from the EU will face mandatory quarantine upon arrival in India.

Covishield and Covaxin must be notified in the European Union’s digital Covid certificate, EU has been told, sources said.

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How to Build Your Own Rain Barrel | Sidnaz Blog

My sustainable homestead is evolving—and the new addition to the ever-growing project involves using rain barrels to provide my chickens with drinking water, irrigate my garden, and keep my compost pile moist.

Luckily for me, my local municipality teamed up with our state college to offer residents classes and incentives to help grow our community’s conservation effort (you can check with your local government to see if they offer anything similar). Through the program, I was able to purchase a 55-gallon rain barrel for just $37—a deal so good I opted to purchase three barrels. The barrels were guaranteed to be food-grade, which meant I avoided the toxic residuals that might have been lurking in any old barrel. Instead, my barrel had been used exclusively to store juice, so it was actually designed to withstand both the pressure and weight of 55 gallons of liquid, which weighs roughly just under 500 pounds.

The sweet juice residuals meant I needed to clean the barrel out with a solution, though. You can use a solution of one ounce of bleach to five gallons of water or, as I did, opt for a vinegar and baking soda alternative. However you get the job done, you’ll want to make sure the barrel is fresh and clean before you start collecting water in it.

Here are a few things I’ve learned throughout the process:

  • You don’t need a water pump to get the water out if you use gravity to your advantage and place the barrel on a raised base.
  • You want your base to be level and balanced.
  • 55 gallons of water is very heavy.
  • You’ll need to use fine mesh as a barrier at every entry point you create; otherwise, debris can clog everything up, and bugs are attracted to the water.
  • It’s important to avoid placing your barrel in direct sunlight because algae will grow inside it. You can also paint your barrel to keep the light out.

The build itself is rather simple: Rain barrels have inlets into which you direct a water source—you can direct the water from your gutter system by modifying your downspout to pour directly into the inlet, for example. Add another hole toward the top of the barrel for overflow and plan to direct that water away from your foundation—or into another barrel.

Next, you’ll need to cut a hole toward the bottom of the barrel and install a spigot. From the spigot, you can use a garden hose to direct the water to wherever you want it to go. How high you place the barrel will determine how much pressure you are going to get.


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NIA arrested two brothers from Hyderabad in Darbhanga | Live Newspaper Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: NIA arrested two brothers from Hyderabad in Darbhanga railway station terror blast case. While the explosion occurred on June 17, no casualties were reported.
On Wednesday evening, NIA team camping in Hyderabad arrested, Mohammed Nasir Khan and his brother Imran Malik, garment sellers from Uttar Pradesh in relation to the Darbhanga railway station blast.
The brothers have been in the ready made garments business and Nasir has been operating from Hyderabad for over two decades.
After a bottle containing unknown chemical, concealed in a parcel of garments exploded at platform number 2 of Darbhanga railway station after it was unloaded from the luggage compartment of the train, investigators tracked the people who booked the parcel at Secunderabad railway station.
According to NIA, “the parcel was booked by Md Sufiyaan from Secunderabad for himself.”
The PAN card furnished by the person who booked the parcel, turned out to be a forged one but the mobile number mentioned by the accused at the time of booking the parcel along with CCTV footage near the railway station provided vital leads in zeroing in on the two brothers residing at Mallepally in Hyderabad.
NIA showed the arrest of the brothers on Wednesday at 3.30 pm under sections 3,4 &5 of the Explosive Substances Act.
NIA officials confirmed that the duo will be taken to Patna on transit remand.

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Latest News Today – Retail Inflation For Industrial Workers Rose Slightly In

Retail inflation for industrial workers rose slightly in May 2021

There was a slight increase in retail inflation for industrial workers in May 2021, as it went up to 5.24 per cent from 5.14 per cent in April 2021 as per the all India consumer price index for industrial workers.

According to data released by the Labour Ministry, the increase was mainly influenced by rise in prices of food items, petroleum products and also because of dearer mobile phone rates.

At the same time, food inflation was also higher at 5.26 per cent in May 2021 against 4.78 per cent in April 2021.

The index for industrial workers for May 2021 increased by 0.5 points and stood at 120.6 points. It was 120.1 points in April this year.

On the basis of monthly percentage change, the index for May 2021 increased by 0.42 per cent compared to the previous month of April 2021.

The rise in the current index was due to the Food & Beverages group which contributed 0.35 percentage point to the total increase.

Some of these food items were rice, arhar dal, masur dal, fish fresh, goat meat, eggs-hen, edible oil, apple and banana among others.

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Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Hot Dogs, and Other Pet-Unsafe Barbecue | Sidnaz Blog

For most dogs, human food is the ultimate forbidden fruit, which makes backyard barbecue season tricky for their owners. If you’re heading to a Fourth of July party with your pup in tow, you probably already know to keep them away from the fruit salad (grapes) and the burger toppings (raw onions). But there are other hazards you may not encounter outside of a barbecue, and you should know what they are.

Bones, skewers, and other choking hazards

The biggest danger to dogs at a cookout isn’t poisoning—it’s choking. According to the ASPCA, bones from ribs and chicken wings, corn cobs, and discarded wooden skewers are all exactly the right size and shape to cause serious problems. They’re also the kind of things people leave out without a second thought. To curious pups, abandoned plates piled with bones, sticks, and corn look like an all-you-can-eat buffet, so keep yours away from food waste.

Too much salt and fat

Dogs can’t tolerate as much salt and fat as humans can, which puts most of the cookout menu off-limits:

  • Chips, pretzels, and other salty snacks have way too much sodium.
  • Greasy grill grates, plates, and utensil (which dogs simply love to lick clean) are loaded with fat.
  • Hot dogs are too salty, too fatty, and a potential choking hazard.

Quantity is the real threat here. A few chips or one single bite of a hot dog won’t make your dog sick right away, but if they’re cute and shameless, they can easily beg their way into consuming dangerous amounts of salt and fat from well-meaning partygoers.

The grill itself

Greasy grates and utensils aren’t the only part of the grill that’s dangerous for dogs. There’s the obvious burn risk, and charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid are also super toxic if ingested. (They may not be quite as tempting as actual food—or a puddle of congealed grease—but dogs have eaten weirder stuff before.) Plus, if a dog gets a little too interested in the grill, they could accidentally knock it over, sending hot coals right onto the grass.

Caffeine and alcohol

This one is obvious, but it bears repeating, especially for a booze-centric holiday like July 4: Everyone’s favorite legal drugs are very bad for dogs, in pretty much any quantity. Both caffeine and alcohol can cause everything from vomiting to seizures, depending on the dog and how much they drink. Don’t let your dog cruise the table for empty beer or soda cans, and definitely don’t give them a sip of yours—there’s nothing funny about a sick dog.

Ultimately, the only way to keep your dog safe at a barbecue is to watch them like a hawk. Even well-trained dogs can lose their minds when delicious snacks are involved; don’t assume that your perfect angel will remain so when confronted with a smorgasbord of tempting smells. Bring some kibble and treats, keep them in your sight at all times, and be prepared to leave early if it’s all too much.

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Latest News Today – Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar Warns

Several rounds of centre-farmer talks have failed to end the deadlock (File)


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, facing resistance from farmers protesting the three central agriculture laws, said on Wednesday that political leaders have been patient in the face of protests but it “won’t be good for anyone to cross their limit”.

The warning comes after a clash today between anti-farm law protesters camping out at the Uttar Pradesh-Delhi border at Ghazipur and the local BJP workers.

“The word kisan (farmer) is pure and everyone holds them in high regard. Due to a few unfortunate incidents the word has become tarnished. Dignity of sisters and daughters is taken away, murders are happening, roads are being blocked. I condemn the incidents that are undemocratic,” Mr Khattar said.

On reports that political leaders have been facing intense protests by farmers when they visit villages in the state, Mr Khattar said those running the government have a responsibility to meet people.

“We have maintained patience but they keep threatening us that the Chief Minister can’t visit, the deputy Chief Minister can’t visit the villages. Those running the government have a responsibility to meet and attend people. No matter how much they provoke us we are keeping our calm since they are our own people from Haryana. But it won’t be good for anyone to cross their limit,” he added.

Farmers from Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh have been protesting the laws since last year at three Delhi borders – Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur. They argue the laws will lead to edging out of traditional crop markets and usher in massive corporate houses to the farming sector that will result in their exploitation. They also demand a legal guarantee to the Minimum Support Price (MSP) regime.

The government says the laws will eliminate the role of middlemen in the agriculture sector and enhance farmers’ income. It has promised that the MSP will not be scrapped.

Several rounds of centre-farmer talks have failed to end the deadlock.

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Hyderabad: Retired 70-year-old Air India employee now a hero | Sidnaz Blog

HYDERABAD: At a time when even the young are hesitant to step out, 70-year old KR Srinivas Rao has been busy helping others. Even when Covid-19 cases were peaking, Rao was running errands on his bicycle to deliver medicines, ration, and other essentials to those in need.
Rao, a retired Air India employee, also helps Hyderabad Relief Riders in checking whether a request is genuine or not. “I want to do whatever little I can do for the society,” the 70-yearold told TOI. Rao, a resident of West Marredpally, has been attending requests within a six to seven kilometre from his residence, even sponsoring their requirements in some cases.
“Whenever I go to deliver, I make it a point to see their condition and do my bit,” he says, adding that his wife was a little hesitant in the beginning but is now very cooperative. “My children, who are currently living abroad, however, are not completely on board with me stepping out amid pandemic,” he added.
Rao said that he spends about 2 hours every day playing table tennis and mostly uses his cycle to travel. He said that on multiple occasions he came across people trying to misuse their service even when they have a healthy adult at home, who is capable of doing chores. “When I come across such cases, I counsel them and encourage them to step out and shop for their needs,” he added and said that he even served people younger than him in the last couple of months.
Rao’s fellow riders volunteering at Hyderabad Relief Riders said that he is an inspiration to many. “Apart from delivering, he also helps us in verifying requests,” said Ravi Sambari, a cyclist. 82-year-old Nirmal Verma, who lives alone in the city, said that Rao delivered her groceries on Monday after she placed a request with Hyderabad Relief Riders.

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