Rivian, FedEx, Cerner, Oracle: What to | Stock Market News Today

Stock futures are down at the end of a week that saw major central banks chart divergent courses as they confront inflation. Here’s what we’re watching in Friday’s action:

Cerner’s stock got a premarket boost after it was reported that Oracle was in talks to acquire the company.


Kris Tripplaar/Sipa USA/Associated Press

Chart of the Day
  • Investors say Chinese authorities are likely to ease up somewhat on the embattled real-estate sector and to loosen monetary policy, helping support Chinese corporate borrowers more broadly.

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Telangana: Man pours life into | Hyderabad News Today

Prakruti Prakash took care of the tree by watering its roots everyday.

HYDERABAD: A 70-year-old banyan tree which got uprooted due to heavy rains in Rajanna Sircilla district three months ago may get a new lease of life.
A tree lover, Prakruti Prakash, took care of the tree by watering its roots everyday and has now seen the fruit of his labour.
The tree has shown signs of life and he is planning on transplanting it.
Prakash intends to transplant the tree at a school. Since the process may cost around Rs 50,000, he is also looking at like-minded people to chip in to see that the tree regains its lost glory and students will be able to play or study under its shade.
The tree had got uprooted on the outskirts of Suddala village in Konaraopet mandal in the agriculture fields belonging to Burra Bhoomaih Goud and Burra Ramesh Goud.
Prakash noticed that the tree was drying up and got into the act.
“The tree looked majestic when it was standing but now it was fallen,” Prakash said.
He took permission from another farmer to draw water from a bore in his agricultural field and began to water the fallen tree.
With the tree coming to see and new leaves seen on it, Prakash’s heart revived.


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Omicron Spreading Very Fast Worldwide, – Latest news headlines

Omicron: The B.1.1.529 strain was first identified in South Africa last week (File)


  • The Health Ministry today said the Omicron variant is “spreading rapidly”
  • 19 districts in India are at “high risk” of a surge in Covid cases
  • Maharashtra, at 32, has the highest Omicron cases of any state in India

New Delhi:

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus is “spreading rapidly” – there are now 101 cases in 11 states in India – the Health Ministry said Friday, warning that 19 districts were at high risk of a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Faced with the threat of a third wave of infections, the ministry underlined the need to follow Covid-appropriate behaviour, including the use of face masks and maintaining social distance. The ministry also urged people to avoid non-essential travel and stay away from large crowds and gatherings.

The ministry then issued a dire threat – that based on the progression of the strain in the UK (which already has over 11,000 Omicron cases), India could see a devastating 14 lakh cases daily.

Renewed warnings of the dangers posed by Omicron come as 10 new cases were reported from Delhi earlier in the day. The city has now 22 confirmed Omicron cases.

The 10 new cases were reported after a worrying spike in overall Covid cases in the city over the previous 24 hours – 85 were detected – up from 57 on Thursday and 45 on Wednesday.

Maharashtra – worst hit by earlier waves of infections – has so far recorded the most Omicron cases – 32. Rajasthan is next with 17, and Karnataka and Telangana have reported eight each. Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh have also reported cases of the new variant.

A point of worry is that at least two of the Omicron cases reported from Maharashtra were young children – a three-year-old boy and an 18-month-old girl.

The government has already urged states to step up surveillance measures and focus on sequencing positive samples in an effort to identify cases and potential hotspots.

New travel rules were enforced starting December 1, requiring foreign arrivals from countries deemed ‘at risk’ to submit to RT-PCR tests and, in some cases, mandatory quarantine.

“Most cases of Omicron have a travel history, or have contacts with travel histories. But there have been some cases in which we have not been able to establish any such history. In that the process is on to identify travel or contact histories…” Dr VK Paul, India’s Covid task force chief, said.

Omicron was first reported from South Africa last month.

Since then, it has been reported from 77 countries, including the US, Israel, Hong Kong and Japan, and the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the variant is “probably” in most countries.

The first cases in India were reported by Karnataka on December 2.

Earlier today the G7 (Group of Seven) called Omicron the “biggest current threat to global public health” and said it was now “more important than ever” for countries to “closely cooperate”.

A sliver of good news is that only one death has been linked to the Omicron strain so far – in the UK.

Initial studies indicate Omicron is significantly more infectious than the Delta variant that wrought havoc in India and the world, but it does lead to less severe symptoms.

The jury is still out on the variant’s vaccine-evasion ability, but medical experts have urged people to ensure they are double-vaccinated and called on governments to offer booster doses.

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