Tamizharuvi Manian said there is “no value for honesty, truth and discipline” (File)


Renowned Tamil orator Tamizharuvi Manian, a staunch supporter of superstar Rajinikanth, announced today that he “is quitting politics”, a day after the actor said he would not venture into politics.

Without naming the actor or his decision, Mr Manian, a former Congress leader, accused the two main Dravidian parties, AIADMK and DMK, for a fall in standards in public life in Tamil Nadu over the past 50 years and for rampant corruption in politics.

Taking pride in his record of having a “clean” political career all along, he said his only fault was to work towards his dream to re-establish a honest regime led by late Chief Minister K Kamaraj, a Congress icon and freedom fighter.

Mr Manian apparently indicated that his support to the actor was a step towards ushering in a change in the politics of Tamil Nadu.

Such efforts, however, did not fructify as the actor reversed his plan and so he was quitting politics, Mr Manian hinted.

“There is no value for honesty, truth and discipline and there is nothing to achieve in the world of politics that does not distinguish between a ruby and pebbles,” he said in a statement.

In his pursuit of honest politics, he was struck below the belt and his family too was affected by such unfair criticisms, Mr Manian, who is also the president of Gandhiya Makkal Iyakkam (GMI), said.


He asserted, “I am quitting politics and will never return to politics.”

A liquor free Tamil Nadu and corruption free, good governance are among the goals of GMI.

Rajinikanth on Tuesday announced that he will not venture into politics given his health condition and the prevailing coronavirus pandemic.

On December 3, the actor appointed Arjunamurthy, formerly with the BJP and Mr Manian, to oversee and coordinate preparations for the launch of his proposed party.

In 2016, Rajinikanth underwent a renal transplant and had said that he is on immuno suppresants, which make him comparatively more vulnerable to contracting illnesses, including those triggered by a virus.

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