Bodhan racket: Cops hunt for 40 with illegal Indian | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Investigation into the Bodhan passport racket has revealed that 17 people who obtained Indian passports from the town are currently abroad, while whereabouts of 15 persons who returned to the country after working in foreign countries are not known. Police are looking for 40 others who obtained passports, but are yet to travel abroad.
On interrogation, Bodhan-based labour contractor Parimal Bain confessed that he had illegally migrated to India from Bangladesh in 2016 and, after settling in Bodhan, helped 72 peop le secure Indian Passports.
The investigators discovered that of the 72 persons, currently 17 are abroad in Gulf countries, Malaysia and Singapore. Police also found out that 15 people had returned to India after working abroad, but their current location was not available. Police are trying to find out about the remaining 40 people who obtained passports but did not have any international travel record.
While confessing that he was a Bangladeshi, who illegally migrated to India and later obtained an Aadhaar card and Indian passport from Bodhan, Parimal told police that he was not certain about the nationality of most people whom he helped in obtaining Indian passports.
Apart from Parimal and three others, Nitai Das, Mohammed Hasibur Rehman and Mohammed Rana Mia, arrested by police while trying to board a Dubai-bound flight in January with Indian passports containing Bodhan residential addresses, have confessed to be from Bangladesh. The trio also claimed their original names are Sanjib Dutta, Ramu Das and Mondal Sandip respectively and they were going to Dubai on Indian passports with work visas.
“Among the eight accused, we have arrested so far, four confessed that they are Bangladeshis who obtained Indian passports from Bodhan town. They are currently in judicial remand,” RGI Airport inspector P Vijay Kumar said.
Using the details obtained so far, Cyberabad police wrote to Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) to issue look out circular (LOC) against 17 persons who went abroad using the illegally obtained Indian passports. LOCs would also be issued against others who obtained the passports and currently not traceable in India.
Police have also written to the Regional Passport Office recommending cancellation of 72 passports issued from Bodhan. They were also seeking Aadhaar card supporting document details from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) as most of them who obtained Aadhaar card from Bodhan had given Parimal’s mobile number as their contact number.

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