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It is a grave situation now and cases are going to increase further, if people do not follow protocols

HYDERABAD: At least 70 sporadic clusters in and around Hyderabad are currently responsible for the rapid spread of the virus. While most of these are remnants of clusters which had emanated from schools and political meetings, new clusters are mostly being traced to hostels, markets and parties, say health department sources.
The state health department has already issued an alert asking people not to venture out unless absolutely necessary. At least half of these clusters have emerged after political and social gatherings.
“A good number of clusters actually originated around political meetings and rallies. Since meetings could not be avoided, the best we could do was to keep a strict vigil on the clusters. They are contained well and intensive testing has been taken up at these places to prevent further spread,” a health department official said.
“In addition to political gatherings, marriages and elections, social gatherings are adding to the clusters. We already have a lot of clusters in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits. Now, the problem is that a lot of population in these areas stay in extremely congested setups. This makes the situation very complicated,” said Dr Sanjeev Singh Yadav, national secretary, Indian Medical Association’s Academy of Medical Specialities.
Health authorities, meanwhile, said that currently there were only sporadic clusters, but there was a threat of the spread going out of control too.
“It is a grave situation now and cases are going to increase further, if people do not follow protocols. The seriousness towards the situation has already gone,” a senior health official added.


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