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HYDERABAD: Over-dependence on paddy cultivation in Telangana despite poor returns is increasingly resulting in the state losing out on Rs 30,000 crore possible income from cultivating other vegetables, the horticulture department said.
“At present the market of vegetables is worth Rs 22,000 crore and if the cultivation of vegetables is extended to 15 lakh acres more, the market can be around Rs 50,000 crore,” horticulture director L Venkatram Reddy told TOI.
Extent of paddy cultivation has reached the highest limit in the state at 50.58 lakh acres in the current season.
Now, a study conducted by the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) for horticulture department has estimated that state is giving Rs 4,780 crore import market to other states for failing
“The study revealed that the returns on paddy is very less when compared to horticulture crops. In paddy, for every one-rupee investment, the return is not more than 50 paisa, whereas in horticulture, the returns for every Rs 1 investment can be Rs 3 to Rs 3.50,” Venkatram Reddy said.
Telangana depends on other states for 11 types of vegetables, including onion and potato, while there are only eight types of vegetables mostly cultivated in the state.
The state government also spends about Rs 10,000 crore as electricity subsidy charges for paddy.
Interestingly, neighbouring Karnataka has more than 50 lakh acres under horticulture crops. Officials say there is a huge scope for horticulture crops in the state, provided subsidies are given
In 2020, 29 lakh acres in this season were brought under paddy cultivation, this year in the same season it touched 50 lakh acres, the highest-ever since the state was formed.


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