HYDERABAD: After petrol, diesel price is inching close to the Rs 100 per litre mark. On Wednesday, Adilabad and Wanaparthy logged Rs 99 a litre. The price of diesel in the city is Rs 97 a litre.
Along with petrol, diesel prices are also increasing. Price of diesel in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata is oscillating between Rs 92 and Rs 96. Diesel crossed the Rs 100 mark in some places in Madhya Pradesh.

Sources claim that consistent increase in fuel prices is due to an uptick in the international oil markets, where both product and crude prices have been going up for the past few months on increasing demand. Also, high taxes by the Centre and states were burning holes in the pockets of citizens. “I had bought a diesel car two years ago thinking that I could save some money, but that looks impossible now with increasing prices,” VK Sameer, a private employee said.
The prices of vegetables and other essentials have skyrocketed for the past few months due to Covid-induced lockdown. “Life is becoming a struggle for people,” said Mani Jyothy, a housewife.


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