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HYDERABAD: At the root of heavy waterlogging, especially in low-lying areas across the city, is the problem of clogged drains, say environmentalists raising a serious concern over dumping of waste in open drains. And the issue reared its ugly head even on Thursday, when several pockets experienced a flood-like situation, post heavy rainfall.
“The problem of waterlogging/flooding in low-lying areas is aggravated due to these clogged drains that obstruct the flow of water. But apart from authorities who are responsible for desilting of drains and removing waste blocking these channels, the onus of the problem also lies on residents. They need to put an end to dumping garbage into open drains, nalas,” said Rajender Reddy, an environmental research scholar.
“We must also ensure that we reduce the usage of plastic and dispose the waste responsibly,” he added.
Explaining the issue further, environmentalist K Raveender said: “Plastic bags, especially, are mostly nonbiodegradable. They form a layer on the surface of these drains and restrict the flow of rain water. The city not only needs a proper system for sewage disposal but also requires fixing accountability by civic authorities if drains are not properly cleaned.
Residents admit that the situation turns worse during the monsoons because of these blockages. In fact, in several flood-prone areas they said the drains are filled with silt, garbage and plastic waste. Worse, the annual drainage cleaning exercise before the monsoon season, too hasn’t been carried out.
“Most of the nalas are filled with garbage, silt and plastic. This is going to lead to massive flooding in the coming days,” said Mohammed Mateen, a resident of Hayathnagar arguing how removal of dustbins from the city, by the civic body, has partly led to waste being dumped into drains and nalas in the area.
In Ahmed Nagar too — another pocket known for inundation — the situation is much the same. In fact, on Friday, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) workers cleared after a drain here after residents posted pictures, highlighting their plight, on social media. “We keep urging people to stop dumping waste, especially plastic, in the drains. If drains and pumping stations are clogged, they are unable to drain out water. We are identifying and clearing the clogged drains,” a GHMC official said.


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