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HYDERABAD: Madhava and Bharati Rao, parents of 10-year-old Manideep Perikatta, couldn’t stop beaming on Saturday. Earlier this week, their son was selected for the Army Boy Sports Company in Bengaluru – set up by the Indian Army under its engineer’s regiment.
The institute draws sportspersons from across the country and trains them for their induction into the Armed forces.
Manideep, a student of Alpha Omega school in Rasoolpura, is among the four chosen to join the institute in Bengaluru. Each of these young boys have been trained by the Yacht Club of Hyderabad Foundation.
Barely able to contain his excitement, Madhava Rao said: “We came to Hyderabad in 1995. We’ve faced several challenges because of no job security. Today, we are very happy that my son got an opportunity to join the Armed forces. This wouldn’t have been possible without the four months of training that my son was given at sailing here (Yatcht Club of Hyderabad).”
He and his wife migrated to Hyderabad from Odisha and have been working as construction workers to eke out a living.
The other three boys are: Nitin Nayak (Nagarkurnool), Abiram Kavarala (Wanaparthy) and Harshavardhan Yerra (Vikarabad). All these young sailors come from modest backgrounds, with their parents doing odd jobs to earn a livelihood. The club selects its sailors from marginalised communities and trains them for national and international levels. “When I joined the Yacht Club of Hyderabad, I saw a few of my seniors in the Army and Navy teams but I did not even dream I would be part of those teams too. I am very grateful for the intensive training and support provided to me by the foundation,” said Harshavardhan, son of a farmer from Chilkur.
The founder and coach of the club, Suheim Sheikh, too is extremely proud of the boys. He said, “We’ve been training kids for about 10 years now. We have trained about 1,000 of them so far. Getting four of our boys selected when only eight were chosen out of hundreds of applicants is very satisfying. Once they pass their class 10 boards, they will be inducted into the Armed forces directly. This is a clear indication that our training and systems are well established. Dignity Through Sports is our motto and this is surely another step in exactly that direction.”
The club also sent six girls under their Naavika programme to the Atlantic Week in Portugal, Spain and to Oman for the Asians in 2019 and 2020.


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