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HYDERABAD: The GHMC and Veterinary and Animal Husbandry department (V&AH) have served notices to 67 pet shops and identified 12 dog breeders in the greater Hyderabad region in the last two weeks.
The notices were served to the pet shops and breeders after the principal secretary of MAUD, Arvind Kumar directed the GHMC commissioner Lokesh Kumar to take action against all illegal units and shut them down, if they don’t comply with guidelines of the Telangana State Animal Welfare Board (TSAWB).
In his letter, the principal secretary lambasted the GHMC for permitting the illegal breeders to operate saying that the civic body allowed them to operate illegally by bringing them under the ambit of pet shops.
However, when asked about the illegal breeders and those breeding dogs at home for commercial purposes, the official said, “In GHMC limits there are only 12 breeders. More than 90% of the dog breeders are outside GHMC limits. If people are breeding dogs at home, we cannot designate them as breeders. For breeding there should be kennels, space and there are other rules which need to be followed and that activity will not be tolerated in residential areas. To avoid these, GHMC’s instructions are to get the dogs sterilized.”
However, officials informed that while the GHMC can issue notices, as per the Pet Shop Rules, 2018 and Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules, 2017 rules, only the state animal welfare board has the authority to shut down or take any other action against illegal pet shops or breeding units.
Meanwhile, Dr Monika, assistant veterinary director, state animal husbandry department said, “We have received applications for registration from 77 pet shops in the city so far and prior to that 67 of them were served notices. Registration applications will be sent to the concerned district official to conduct inspections and give the inspection proforma to V&AH. Only if the inspection report is satisfactory, we issue the inspection certificate. So far, one or two inspections of pet shops have been taken up.”
GHMC has been directed to slap notices against the dog breeders, asking them to apply for registration. Failure to obtain registration by August 15 would mean closure.


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