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HYDERABAD: The sealed borders of Australia and New Zealand have derailed students’ dreams of pursuing higher education in these two countries. Instead, many are heading to Canada, the UK and other European countries to pursue higher education and for employment.
While overseas education consultancies in the city have observed a dip in the number of students going to Australia and New Zealand, there is a spurt in students going to Canada.
“This year, we have seen an almost 50% jump in applicants hoping to head to Canada. Better work opportunities and ease of staying there for longer through permanent residency has attracted a lot of students to Canada. Since Canada has a huge Indian population, it is also culturally preferred by many students,” said Piyush Kumar, regional director (South Asia), IDP Education, adding that the Canadian government is going out of its way to draw foreign students’ attention.
The country expects to admit a record 4,01,000 new immigrants in 2021. Courses like information technology and business administration continue to woo foreign students. However, given the pandemic, many are also vying for courses in medical sciences, pharmaceuticals, hospital management etc.


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