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HYDERABAD: The roll out of Ayurvedic medicines for mucormycosis (black fungus) patients will begin from Wednesday at the Government ENT Hospital and Gandhi Hospital, the two designated hospitals in the state for treatment of mucormycosis cases.
The two hospitals together have around 300 cases of mucormycosis under treatment along with a waitlist of more patients.

The department of Ayurveda, yoga & naturopathy, Unani, siddha and homeopathy (Ayush) in the state has been studying 100 mucromycosis patients over the last three days at the two government-designated hospitals. The research team had selected the patients based on the various levels of criticality and has come up with treatment protocols for each level — mild, moderate, and severe.
Meanwhile, the Ayush department had been giving preventive medicines to patients who have recovered from Covid-19 but had been on high doses of steroids and are diabetics for the last one week, at the BRKR Government Ayurvedic College.
“We had been working in two units — at ENT Hospital and Gandhi Hospital — and each unit had studied 50 patients. We need to study the nature of the disease and how it is spreading. Mucormycosis had been a very rare disease but is now spreading. The teams have discussed observations and treatment protocol and the medicines are now in place. We will begin prescribing Ayurvedic medicines to patients from tomorrow (Wednesday),” said Dr Praveen Madikonda, associate professor at BRKR Government Ayurvedic College, who is heading the study team at the Government ENT Hospital.
Officials at the two government hospitals meanwhile said that they do not want to create over-enthusiasm about this form of treatment.
“Within a week we will be able to come up with some conclusions,” the official added declining to share more details about the treatment protocol for the time being.


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