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Despite meagre earnings and tough conditions many migrants are forced to stay back to repay their debts

Hyderabad: At a time when scores of migrant workers are leaving Hyderabad to return to their home states, there are many who forced to stay back in the city to repay their debts. And this despite their meagre earnings and tough living conditions.
With no financial support from their families, these workers say that they have no choice but to slog it out here so that they can return the money borrowed during the last lockdown.
“I borrowed Rs 50,000 during the first wave of pandemic when I left Hyderabad and went home with my family—wife and four children,” said Noor Alam Khan from West Bengal who used to earn Rs 4,000 a week by working at a boutique.
Now, during the lockdown, his income has dropped to zero.
“I don’t want to go back to my home town. I will somehow survive here,” Khan said adding that he has requested the moneylender for some relief this month so that he can he repay this month’s interest over the next couple of months.
Caught in similar situations, some have left their families behind in their home towns and staying alone in town till the lockdown is lifted.
“The last time around we not only struggled to return to our home town, but has a tough time for seven months after that as there was not much work to do. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake. I am staying alone now and will patiently wait for the lockdown to be lifted so that I can resume work,” said Lakshmi Nisad, a migrant worker from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh adding that he had to borrow money to survive at his hometown in 2020. But now with no income, he too has no other option but to default on paying interest for this month.
But despite the struggle many like Shashi Kumar from Bihar, who returned to the city about a month back, say that they prefer to stay back in the city as he also struggled in his home town as couldn’t manage to get work.
“Here I at least know that I will start earning once the lockdown is lifted. If I go back, I will not have any work and will not be able to survive,” said Kumar, a construction worker.



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