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HYDERABAD: Battling rough winds hitting their sails, two young girls from Hyderabad are all set to make waves in the world sailing championship to be held in Italy in July this year.
Sailors L Jhansipriya, 14, and V Vaishnavi, 15, made it to the Indian team for the world championship after battling tough financial crisis. Both crafted sailing history after getting selected for one of the largest sailing championships in the world.
This is the first time that two girls from Telangana have been selected for a world championship in sub-juniors (U-16) category, which will be attended by 264 sailors from over 60 countries making it one of the most competitive regatta for youth in the world.
While Jhansipriya’s mother works in a hospital’s housekeeping team, Vaishnavi’s mother is a domestic help.
Jhansipriya’s mother is a single parent who works as part of the housekeeping team at a private hospital in the city. She is excited and happy about her daughter going for her fourth international tour after the 2019 Oman Asians and the Atlantic Week in Portugal and Spain. Vaishnavi’s mother works as domestic help in Marredpally, and couldn’t believe that her daughter is India number 2 and will be carrying the Tricolor to Italy for a world championship. Both Jhansi and Vaishnavi, students of Udbhav School at Rasoolpura, joined sailing in 2018 and rapidly rose to the top of the Indian fleet.
Lake Riva Del Garda is one of the largest lakes in Europe in the northern Italy, and provides challenging sailing conditions. Garda is host to all the largest Sailing Championships in the world, and despite being a lake simulates huge waves and is backed by sky-high cliffs.
The championship will start from July 1, 2021.
Speaking to TOI about the challenging weather conditions they might have to face in Italy, Jhansipriya said, “It is true that Garda is known for heavy weather conditions, but we are confident that we will do well. Our experience in the previous international competitions will be of help. We are also planning to go there at least a week prior to the championship to get used to the huge waves and the entire environment.”
The duo said that they are both looking to move up the ladder to the Olympic and Asian games. “We plan to participate in the forthcoming Asian Trials to be held in Hyderabad in August,” said Vaishnavi, who is eagerly looking to migrate to the Lasers and the 29er under the watchful eyes of her coach.
“Both girls are training hard, and I do hope that Covid related visa issues and quarantine issues do not spoil the party. Fingers crossed,” said Suheim Sheikh, coach and president of the Yacht Club of Hyderabad Foundation, a charitable sports organisation at Hussain Sagar that works only with marginalised children taking them to International levels of sailing.


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