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HYDERABAD: At a time when delivery executives are helping deliver food and parcels to people across the city, an initiative by Sri Inti Bhojanam, a homebased kitchen and Street Byte, a social media channel, is ensuring that they don’t work on an empty stomach.
They have launched a drive that offers free food to delivery executives and those working in courier agencies. “I have been having food at Sri Inti Bhojanam for the last 12 days. I found out about them through a WhatsApp group,” said C Chanakya, a delivery executive for Zomato. The initiative provides a variety of food, right from prawn biryani to fried rice and vegetable along with a bottle of water.
“Many of these executives who are engaged in delivering food and parcels end up being hungry themselves We decided to extend help to them,” said Ravitej Ravuri, founder of Street Byte.They also provided food to construction workers. “The kitchen plans to extend support to delivery executives till the end of lockdown,” said Devireddy Sri Krishna Prasad, copartner of Sri Inti Bhojanam.


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