HYDERABAD: For the first time, an elephant (Ambari) that hails from Karnataka state took part in Bonalu procession, organised by the Telangana government, as part of Lashkar Bonalu in Secunderabad, on Monday.
Elephant procession was continuing for three decades as part of tradition, and every year, Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad officials used to send the elephant, on the request of the Endowments Department.
But, this year, a new elephant, Menaka, brought from Veerabhadra Shiva Math, near Raichur in Karnataka and after Telangana Endowments Department, has secured ‘no objection certificate’ (NoC), from Nehru Zoological Park.
A portrait of Goddess Ujjaini Mahakali, kept atop a decorated elephant and followed by hundreds of devotees. Procession began at 11 am, soon after the ‘Rangam’ (oracle predictions) event completed and concluded at around 7.30 pm. The glittery elephant procession being carried out on the by-lanes of Ujjaini Mahakali temple in Secunderabad. For this, all the commercial establishments, enroute this procession, have been closed, for the past five days.
The entire procession went off peacefully and with this, two-day Lashkar Bonalu, were complete, Ujjaini Mahakali temple’s executive officer, Manohar Reddy told TOI.
This jumbo will also take part in Bonalu held in two other temples including Nalla Pochamma Temple, held at Karwan on August 1 and Akkanna Madanna Temple, at Hari Bowli on August 2.
Another important event in Lashkar Bonalu, ‘Rangam’ was held at around 10.30 am at the inside of the temple. Oracle Swarna Latha, who spoke while performing ‘Rangam,said that she will protect people from pandemics and farmers of Telangana do not have to worry about the rains. She also assured that she will stand by the people and take them forward and never disappoint.


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