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HYDERABAD: King Koti hospital, one of the three state-run Covid-19 centres designated to tackle the heavy rush of patients in Hyderabad, does not have enough saline stands in isolation wards. Authorities said they are now forced to re-direct critically ill patients due to lack of adequate Infrastructure.
On Wednesday, IV drips could be seen hung on windows and beds and attendants of patients watching over it. Dr Marri Mallikarjun, nodal officer (Covid-19 isolation ward) King Koti hospital, admitted to the shortage of IV stands and said that a request has been made for urgent procurement.
At the moment, there are over 150 Covid-19 patients in the 150 ICU and 200 oxygen bed hospital. But many beds lack oxygen flowmeters, so they cannot be used to treat Covid-19 patients. “Oxygen flowmeters are essential for regulating the oxygen supply and in its absence, the supply will completely stop,” said a senior doctor.
As a result, the hospital which is meant to treat mild to moderate coronavirus cases, is forced to turn away some patients. On Tuesday, a patient who was sent from Gandhi Hospital to the King Koti hospital was redirected back to Gandhi, Telangana’s main Covid-19 hospital. By the time the patient reached the hospital, the oxygen saturation level had dropped severely, one official said.
“Since we do not have super speciality facilities, we are also forced to send back patients who require gynaecology, paediatrics or cardiology super speciality, but we have been treating majority of the cases. We can easily handle patients with oxygen saturation levels of up to 83-95%, but we are also getting some patients with 70-73% saturation levels being redirected to us,” Dr Mallikarjun said.
On the other hand, authorities at Gandhi denied redirecting any critical patient. “We are even admitting co-morbid patients with 93% saturation. Only in cases, where the patients may not require an ICU set up, we are redirecting them. If there is a patient whose condition is likely to deteriorate quickly, we do not send them away,” said Dr M Raja Rao, superintendent of Gandhi hospital.
Gandhi sources said some of the patients referred to King Koti return, saying there is a shortage of beds. “Since there is a protocol that only critical cases should be admitted at Gandhi hospital, some of the non-critical ones are being sent to TIMS. In the whole process, it is the patients who are suffering,” added a senior resident from Gandhi hospital.

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