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HYDERABAD: Nearly 40 per cent of oxygen concentrators arriving in the city are of orders placed by individuals as an emergency plan. While this might also lead to an artificial shortage with people spending as much as Rs 1 lakh and above to stock these gadgets, suppliers claim they are insisting the buyer first get a doctor’s opinion.
In most cases, people having patients with co-morbidities are stocking these, but there are also others who are over cautious and hoarding concentrators, fearing finding no oxygen in hospitals when they need it most. “In many cases, these are being purchased as a back-up, especially by people who have co-morbidities. Also, there are calls from people who are just worried and can spend that kind of money, wanting to buy. We are discouraging panic buyers, but at least 35 to 40 of every 100 concentrators we get are being supplied to individual buyers,” a dealer said.
With huge demand, dealers have run out of stock of concentrators. “I had been trying to get a concentrator for my home for the last two weeks. Initially, the contacts I got seemed to be fraud ones and later when I got a genuine dealer, I was told there is a waiting period of 4-5 days. I received one earlier this week and now I feel confident that I will be able to keep my mother safe. She has diabetes and is 78 years old,” a businessman from Manikonda said.
Pleas for references, meanwhile, were unending on social media and people were trying every possible resource to get hold of a supplier. “The fear of finding no oxygen at hospitals or anywhere in the city is resulting in lot of people looking for concentrators. We are getting, on an average, 30 calls per day asking for contacts of suppliers. Despite increase in prices, non availability and almost no knowledge on how to use these, people want to purchase concentrators. We have been educating people on the purpose of concentrator and also advising them to speak to their doctors first before suggesting any places to them,” Arun Daniel Yellamaty, founder Youngistaan Foundation, said.

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