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HYDERABAD: An ongoing Covid-19 vaccination special drive being carried out for high-risk groups (possible super spreaders), has seen 10.87 lakh people take jabs, but Telangana lags behind many states. As many 31,869 persons were administered doses on Wednesday as daily vaccine doses picked up from below 10,000 as a result of the vaccination drive.
Despite the vaccination rate picking up, Hyderabad still lags behind other major cities. Mumbai leads the vaccine administration charts, having administered 34.35 lakh doses till date, followed by Bengaluru (30.33 lakh doses), Chennai (20.75 lakh), and Kolkata (18.22 lakh) while Jaipur has administered 11.7 lakh doses.

Even Pune (29 lakh doses) and Thiruvananthapuram (11.51 lakh) have administered more doses than Hyderabad. Meanwhile, in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam — a much smaller city than Hyderabad — has also administered 9.2 lakh doses. In Hyderabad, 8.45 lakh have been given their first dose while 2.72 lakh have been given both doses.
While there is no vaccine hesitancy, stocks available with the state, changes in vaccination drives, and a temporary halt have contributed to the slowing down of vaccinations. Experts have said that vaccination definitely prevents complications among infected persons.
“A study published in International Journal of Health and Clinic Research on infection status among vaccinated and non vaccinated Covid-19 patients at Nizamabad Government Hospital clearly showed that among vaccinated patients, lung infection is found only in 12 per cent of cases and very mild while among non-vaccinated patients the infection rate was 88 per cent and (in some cases) not mild,” explained associate professor at Nizamabad Government General Hospital, Dr Kiran Madala.


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