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HYDERABAD: Bangladesh has emerged as the new transit hub for human hair smugglers as hair worth crores is shipped from Hyderabad and Delhi to the neighbouring country and from there to China. Not just this, the smugglers have hit upon new ideas by declaring human hair as ‘waste’ and by resorting to undervaluation.
Exporters said around 150-200 tonnes of human hair worth Rs 120 crore is lying in warehouses and is ready to be smuggled out.
Delhi customs officials, who booked two cases recently, stumbled upon exporters resorting to misdeclaration of human hair as waste. Officials said good quality human hair variety ‘goli’ was being passed off as waste or ‘cotton’ and exported by the smugglers. Previously, the traders were using the Myanmar route to smuggle human hair to China.
While a consignment worth $71,400 was exported to Bangladesh from Delhi at the rate of $70 per kg in April, another consignment worth $9,500 was sent at $20 per kg. Another consignment worth $4.3 lakh was sent at the rate of $60 per kg. From Hyderabad, $58,500 worth human hair was exported at the rate of $20 per kg in the same month.
An exporter not wanting to be named said huge stocks of hair are shipped from Hyderabad air cargo and are undervalued.
The route has changed as we send it via Dhaka. Some shipments are sent as cotton waste. Human hair worth ₹120 crore is all set to be smuggled out,” he told TOI.
A customs official agreed that undervaluation was still happening. “Thought they didn’t stop Myanmar route, they have opened up Bangladesh route. There have been instances where the consignee will be in Myanmar but the goods are exported to Singapore and from there to China,” he told TOI.
President of Human Hair and Hair Products Manufacturers and Exporters Association of India Benjamin Cherian said, “We have evaluated the material seized by the customs officials in Delhi recently and found that the price of this human hair variety is ₹5,500 per kg. The hair which our member has checked clearly shows that the product is hairball which is known as ‘gutha’, ‘goli’ or ‘chutti.’ It falls under the HSN code: 0501 whereas the detained goods exporter claimed that it was human hair waste.”
Meanwhile, customs officials at Kolkata have tightened the measures due to which the smugglers are looking towards Delhi and Hyderabad.


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