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Mr. Heater BuddyFlex Heater | $105 | Academy Sports + Outdoors
Mr. Heater BuddyFlex Cooker | $52 | Academy Sports + Outdoors

Unless you’re in a state that sucks for other reasons, winter can be brutal, especially during a pandemic when the only things you can safely do in public are outdoors. It’s no surprise, then, that outdoor heaters have taken the restaurant world by storm. And if you’re lucky enough to have a yard or plan outdoor getaways in these difficult times, the global health crisis has breathed new life into non-commercial heaters as well, keeping you toasty through even the most frigid temperatures.

Among the best outdoor heater brands is Mr. Heater, creator of the BuddyFlex heater and BuddyFlex cooker, both of which are on sale for 30% off, bringing the heater down to $105 and the cooker to just $52. Though it’s redundant in name, the Mr. Heater heater is far from useless. In fact, the device radiates warmth—in all directions—for up to 2 hours on high and up to 3.5 hours on the low setting. It’s also wind-reistant and lets out between 6,000 and 1,000 British thermal units (BTUs) with up to 275 square-feet of coverage. The BuddyFlex cooker, on the other hand, has a 4,000- to 8,000-BTU range with a 28″ quick-connect hose that can be paired with the aforementioned heater.

For a mere $7 more than you’d otherwise pay for the heater alone at full price, you might as well pick up both and treat you, or your clientele, to an unforgettable night spent outdoors. And with a seemingly neverending stream of chaos dragging us all down, nothing sounds more delightful right now.

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