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Balancing ?Sewa? and Business ? The Wave Group

About 100,000 sugarcane growers are associated with the Wave Group and earn their livelihood.

A humble beginning into the sugar mills’ business, in barely five decades, has transformed into one of India’s leading business conglomerates – The Wave Group. A good mix of innovation and diversification led by exemplary visionary late Mr. Gurdeep Singh Chadha has been the group’s success mantra. Today, the Wave Group stands tall with a diverse business portfolio comprising sugar manufacturing, green power production, food processing, and real estate.

Besides these, enabling new-age education for leaders of tomorrow and the Indian cornerstone of education infrastructure for specially-abled kids – Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan(MBCN) are the two entities that are closest to the heart of the man who stands behind the Wave Group today, Mr. Manpreet Singh Chadha. A young, tech-savvy, passionate, strategic thinker and a master administrator is how one can define him. It is his unrelenting pursuit of technological interventions and delivering outstanding service standards in the business that has helped the group achieve an enviable growth trajectory.  

Fast-tracking Growth

The foundational values of innovation, commitment, integrity, adaptation, and passion for excellence have proven to be the growth drivers for the group. Imbibing these values, Wave Group implemented cutting-edge technological innovations in agro-business more than two decades back! From skilling of farmers to scientific farming, introducing advanced tech systems like automated cane weighment, integrated cane accounting, online cane payments integrated with banks, in-house ERPs, have been first-of-its-kind technologies in the sugar industry.

About 100,000 sugarcane growers are associated with the Wave Group and earn their livelihood. While the group contributes significantly to the economic ecosystem of the region in western U.P, it has given a new life to the farmers in the form of a stable and sustained source of income.

A smart city comprising automated technologies, sustainable & eco-friendly waste management and power consumption, integrated management system but above all – an affordable, healthy and safe abode led to the ideation of the group’s marquee real estate projects – Wave City. Counted as amongst India’s one of the largest smart city, in terms of scale and expanse, it accommodates people from all sections of the society thereby delivering a truly cohesive multicultural miniature of India! Get to know more here.

Education is probably the most significant apparatus in the battle against social and economic marginalization in India. With this keen understanding, the group has an unwavering focus on introducing the best of experts, edu-tech, and infrastructure for the students of Genesis School with an aim to build leaders of tomorrow.

MBCN, an unparalleled example of school for specially-abled kids, located in Noida is another protracted endeavour of the group. Catering to the rehabilitation of children with intellectual impairment, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, hearing impairment, and multiple disabilities, the team of special educators and therapists ensures the holistic educational and emotional development of its students. MBCN has transformed the lives of more than 25000 special children in the past two decades.

From Strength to Strength

A business founded on the core values of ‘Sewa’ (selfless service to all) which has the principles of diversity and inclusivity. The dynamic and experienced leadership team at the Wave Group ensures that these principles transcend into the business culture at the group and resonate in all the strategic aspects of business, viz: employees, growth plans, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, etc. The fact that the real estate/manufacturing business at Wave has more than 30% of women in a leadership position, much beyond industry standards, is a testament to the group’s commitment to its core values.

Challenges galore in any business and most impactful, undoubtedly, have been the onslaught of the Covid pandemic. While operational challenges loomed on the manufacturing business, reverse migration threatened to halt real estate project, the Wave Group showed remarkable resiliency and took the challenges in stride. Wave Group is about finding opportunity in adversity.

Besides leveraging collaborative solutions for business continuity, the Wave Group’s CSR arm, The Ponty Chadha Foundation (PCF), stepped in to undertake one of the most holistic and 360-degree approach towards Covid relief for masses.

From aligning with government authorities to provide oxygen concentrators to hospitals, setting up free health desk for medical support and medicine distribution, regular sanitization and distributing food and juice to construction workers and weaker sections of the society, establishing free oxygen banks, setting up fully furnished emergency health centres, with ready ambulance and health experts for residents, distributing mineral water at crematoriums – PCF did not leave one stone untouched in its timely Covid relief initiatives.

True to its core value of ‘Sewa’, it aligned with Gurudwaras across Delhi NCR by providing financial support for medical requirements, rations, and oxygen langars (community kitchen). True, the Indian growth story of the Wave Group is one of its kind. It shall continue to balance ‘Sewa’ and business to grow from strength to strength. 

The wave Group bears the responsibility of the accuracy and completeness of the above article.

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