Latest News Today – How to Turn Zoom Audio Notifications On/ Off

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Zoom has a popular audio notification feature that tells you when a participant joins or leaves a meeting. This is particularly useful when you’re waiting for someone, but it can be irritating when you’re part of a large conference meeting or event and you constantly hear notifications as people come and go. The audio notification has a doorbell-like sound to give you the feeling of a real person ringing the bell behind a real door. And just like your house doorbell, there is way to turn the audio notifications off for your virtual Zoom meeting rooms.

The audio notification option on Zoom also comes with several customisations like choosing to play the sound for everyone or restrict it to hosts and co-hosts. There is also an option to ask to record a user’s voice to use as notification when someone joins by phone

How to turn Zoom audio notifications on/off

Users on a Zoom call can easily toggle audio notifications based on what they prefer. This can be done before a call commences, or even during the meeting. If you turn the audio notifications off, you will not get an audio prompt every time a user leaves or enters a Zoom meeting. This feature is important for users who are waiting on someone and are doing other chores in the meantime. The audio tune serves as an alert that someone has entered the Zoom call, especially useful when you’re not looking at the screen. Follow the steps below to turn off /on the audio notifications on Zoom.

  1. If you’re logged into your Zoom account from the Web browser, click on Settings option placed in the left-hand column. If you’re on the Zoom app, click on your profile icon > select Settings > View More Settings.

  2. In Settings, click on In Meeting (Basic) in the left column and scroll down. Search for an option called ‘Sound Notification When Someone Joins or Leaves’. Toggle this feature on or off as per your preference.

  3. If you toggle it on, you can choose from three options. The first one lets you play the sound for everyone, the second only for hosts and co-hosts, and the last one lets you record a user’s voice as a notification, which is only for users who join by the phone.

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