HYDERABAD: With the onset of monsoon, GHMC’s attempt towards a bin-free city is turning out to be a major problem in several areas of the city.
The areas where the bins existed earlier are now apparent from the proliferation of garbage mounds that spread onto the road with every spell of rain, causing severe inconvenience to commuters as well as residents.
Residents of several areas have asked for a permanent solution as the garbage keeps piling up on roadsides even after the sanitation staff clears it, reporting the issue to the concerned officials.
“The garbage which was being dumped on the roadsides after the GHMC decided to remove bins from street corners is now coming onto the roads every time it rains. The area near Syed Ali chabutra in Shalibanda is one place where garbage keeps piling up. The entire situation is not only turning out to become an eyesore, but it is also causing severe inconvenience to commuters as well as pedestrians,” Rustam Ansari, a resident of Shalibanda.
The Salar Jung bridge in front of Imliban Park is another example where the entire road turns into a slippery mess even if it rains for a short period. Locals alleged that the situation is despite several complaints to the officials to provide a permanent solution.
“The garbage which spreads onto this busy road caused several accidents where two-wheeler riders have suffered serious injuries. This entire stretch has now become prone to accidents due to negligence of the concerned sanitation officials,” said Mohammad Ahmed, a social activist.
In some areas like Yakutpura, Red Hills near criminal court, Budvel village in Rajendranagar, Maithri Enclave at Kapra, Sanath Nagar, Bahadurpura crossroads and Murad Nagar in Mehdipatnam, residents say that the garbage keeps accumulating within two or three days even after the GHMC workers collect the waste.
Ashok Samrat, GHMC zonal commissioner (South Zone) said, “The GHMC workers are lifting garbage continuously from these places, and despite that, people continue to throw waste on the roads. The permanent solution for this problem is that people should be more responsible and ensure that waste is disposed properly.”, Officials added GHMC has recently decided to procure 1,350 Swachh Auto Tippers (SATs) for door-to-door collection of garbage.


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