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HYDERABAD: In yet another twist in the tussle over taking IPS officer Abhishek Mohanty into Telangana cadre from AP, chief secretary Somesh Kumar on Monday filed a petition before the high court urging it to stay the contempt case before the CAT.
Ahead of March 11 hearing at the central administrative tribunal that has already made it clear that Telangana chief secretary Somesh Kumar has only two options- either take Abhishek into Telangana cadre or face contempt proceedings.
“We have written to the Union home ministry to take a decision in Abhishek’s case. The high court is also seized of the matter. Let the matter at CAT be on hold till some decision is taken by them,” Somesh said in his plea.
Alternatively, this court can also direct the Union home ministry to take an urgent decision in the matter, he added.
Describing this as yet another dodging effort, Abhishek filed a rejoinder saying that what the CS was seeking is a strange relief. No such clarification from the Centre was sought when CAT passed similar relief orders in favour of Somesh, senior IPS officers Anjani Kumar, Santhosh Mehra and senior IAS officer Y Srilakshmi. They went to the states of their choices with the help of CAT orders, but when a similar relief was given to me, Somesh is writing letters to the Centre, Abhishek said while opposing the relief sought by the Telangana CS. The case may come up for hearing in a day or two.


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