Latest News Today – Xiaomi Takes Second Spot in Global Smartphone Shipments


Samsung continued to reign supreme in worldwide smartphone shipments for Q2 2021, but Xiaomi gained the most, according to the last report by International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. Xiaomi moved into the second position for the first time, nudging Apple to third place in Q2 2021. Huawei’s decline in shipments and LG’s exit from the smartphone business, caused a slight shift in market positions this quarter. Overall shipment volumes grew 13.2 percent year over year, slightly beating IDC’s forecast of 12.5 percent growth. Smartphone vendors shipped a total of 313.2 million devices during the quarter.

IDC reports that Samsung shipped 59 million units in Q2 2021 gaining a market share of 18.8 percent becoming the top vendor. The South Korean giant shipped 54 million units last year in the same quarter. Xiaomi, on the other hand, saw a significant YoY increase in shipments with 53.1 million units shipped in Q2 2021 raking in 16.9 percent of the market share. This is a huge increase from 28.5 million units shipped in the same quarter last year taking 10.3 percent of the market share. The company has seen an 86.6 percent YoY increase in shipments.

Apple moved to the third position, IDC reports, with 44.2 million shipments and 14.1 percent market share. In the same quarter last year, Apple shipped 37.6 million units and enjoyed 13.6 percent market share. Oppo and Vivo took the third and fourth position in IDC’s list with 32.8 million and 31.6 million shipments, respectively. Both the smartphone vendors raked in 10.5 percent and 10.1 percent market share each.

In the markets where Huawei and LG are strongest (China and US), companies face different chances of gaining market share. In the US, IDC reports that Motorola, TCL, and OnePlus experienced year-over-year gains beyond what they have seen in recent years due to LG’s departure. In China, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Apple continued to gain from Huawei’s rapid decline.

IDC reports that Chinese brand Realme saw the fastest year-over-year growth among the top 10 at 149 percent and more than three quarters of its volume coming from outside China.


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Latest News Today – Apple iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch) Review: Untapped Potential


The iPad Pro series has always had the most powerful Apple silicon, and in this year’s refresh, it gets Apple’s M1 SoC which we’ve already seen run circles around Intel CPUs in devices such as the MacBook Air, Mac mini, and most recently, the iMac. Along with a better processor, the new iPads also have more RAM, a Thunderbolt port, a new Face ID camera, and optional 5G connectivity.

These features can be found in both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro this year, with the only real difference between the two sizes being the display technology. The 12.9-inch model gets a new ‘Liquid Retina XDR’ display which uses mini-LED backlighting for higher brightness and contrast levels, making it ideal for editing and viewing HDR content. As much as I was looking forward to testing this, it’s not the iPad Apple sent me, so for this review, I will be testing the 11-inch model with its standard ‘Liquid Retina’ LCD panel.

While iPads were not initially designed to replace laptop computers, the new Pro models seem to have hardware that could rival the MacBook Air. Plus, with accessories such as the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, you could technically use an iPad Pro as a laptop. The big question is, should you?

ipad pro 2021 11 inch M1 back gadgets 360 ww

The 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) looks very similar to the 2020 model


Apple iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch) India pricing and variants

The iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch) starts at Rs. 71,900 for the 128GB Wi-Fi only model, and the cost increases dramatically as you go up the storage ladder. Apple, for the first time, clearly states the difference in RAM between variants. The 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage variants have 8GB of RAM, while the 1TB and 2TB variants have 16GB. The cellular (5G) models cost an additional Rs. 14,000 over the Wi-Fi models, across all storage variants.

As a result, the iPad Pro (11-inch) can get very expensive. The 1TB 5G variant that Apple sent me costs a crazy Rs. 1,48,900. This is premium Ultrabook or even MacBook Pro territory, and we’ve not yet accounted for any accessories, which you’ll definitely need if you want to take full advantage of this device. The 2021 iPad Pros are still only available in two colours — Silver and Space Grey.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch) design

At first glance, the 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) looks identical to the 2020 model. However, there are some subtle differences. While the overall size and thickness are identical, the new 11-inch model is 5g lighter (468g vs 473g for the 5G versions of each). The design includes a matte-finished aluminium body with exposed antenna bands along the flattened sides and a pill-shaped cutout on the right for additional 5G antennas.

ipad pro 2021 11 inch M1 buttons gadgets 360 www

The 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) is surprisingly slim and light for a tablet of its size


There are four speakers in total, a Thunderbolt port (Type-C) at the bottom, and a SIM tray on the right. The Indian cellular models (A2459) support one eSIM and a physical SIM, so it should be possible to switch between networks when you travel, but you can’t use both networks actively (dual-SIM mode) like on an iPhone. Sub-6GHz 5G is supported by the units sold in India, but mmWave 5G is only available on units sold in the US. The back of the iPad Pro has a dual camera bump in the top-right corner, a large Apple logo in the middle, and three contact pins at the bottom for connecting to accessories.

The display is identical to that of last year’s iPad Pro, which is still one of the best you’ll find on a tablet – second only to Apple’s new 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The 11-inch Liquid Retina display uses an IPS LCD panel with a 2,388×1,668 pixel resolution. It supports features that we’ve seen on previous Pro models such as a 120Hz refresh rate, 600nits of brightness, True Tone colour temperature adjustment, and full coverage of the P3 wide colour gamut. The display has rounded corners just like the frame. There are thick black bezels, which makes good ergonomic sense on a tablet.

ipad pro 2021 11 inch M1 pins gadgets 360 ww

The pins at the back of the 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) help it power accessories such as Apple’s Magic Keyboard


The iPad Pro 11-inch has a TrueDepth camera setup on the front for Face ID, but with a new 12-megapixel sensor and a new feature called Centre Stage – more on this later. In the box, you’ll find the usual documentation, a 20W charger, and a USB Type-C to Type-C cable. Overall, the new 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) isn’t too different on the outside, but it’s the changes on the inside that make it special.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch) specifications and software

The biggest upgrade with this generation is of course Apple’s new M1 SoC, which is said to deliver up to 50 percent faster CPU and up to 40 percent faster GPU performance compared to the A12Z Bionic SoC in the 2020 iPad Pros. Not that anyone is really complaining about last year’s models being sluggish, but more performance is never a bad thing. Unlike some of Apple’s base model Mac computers, for which Apple has used M1 chips with a 7-core integrated GPU instead of 8 cores, all variants of the 11-inch iPad Pro get the full 8-core GPU. The amount of RAM does vary though, as we mentioned earlier.

The iPad Pro 2021 also supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. There’s a LiDAR scanner in the rear camera cluster. There are five microphones which promise studio-quality sound recording and far-field Siri activation. The USB Type-C connector now supports Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4 protocols just like Apple’s Mac computers. This allows for higher bandwidth connections, so you can now do things like connect to Apple’s own Pro Display XDR at its full 6K resolution.

ipad pro 2021 11 inch apps games gadgets 360 ww

The 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) has a bright display and the iPadOS software supports basic multitasking


The iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch) runs iPadOS 14 (tested on 14.6) which feels polished and refined. Multitasking is possible thanks to features such as Split View and Slide Over, which take some time to get used to, but work well once you get the hang of them. You can have the widget bar permanently displayed on the home screen (when in landscape mode) or choose to access it with a right swipe. The overall usage experience isn’t much different from the iPad Air (2020) we reviewed earlier this year, except that system animations and scrolling are a lot more fluid thanks to the high refresh rate. Sadly, some basic apps such as a calculator and weather forecast are still missing, so you’ll have to download alternatives for these.

Apple’s upcoming iPadOS 15 update will introduce plenty of new features for the iPad such as the ability to place widgets anywhere on the home screen (like the iPhone), new accessibility controls for Split View and Slide Over, and plenty more that are common to the upcoming iOS 15 update.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch) performance

Let’s tackle this section in two usage scenarios — first, when using the iPad Pro as a regular tablet and second, as a productivity machine with the optional Magic Keyboard and Pencil.

As a tablet, I was quite surprised at how light the new iPad Pro 2021 model is, considering its size. Holding it one hand and using it didn’t get fatiguing even after long stretches. Touch response was excellent and the interface felt incredibly snappy on this 16GB RAM variant. There is a high chance of blocking the FaceID sensor when using the iPad Pro in landscape orientation, but the UI gives you a little prompt to alert you of this when unlocking the iPad or signing in to apps.

ipad pro 2021 11 inch M1 games gadgets 360 ww

Games look and run great on the 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch)


The display has very good colour calibration out-of-the-box, and brightness is more than adequate. Colours looked vivid and punchy without going overboard. Games and videos looked great on the iPad Pro 2021’s display too. Asphalt 9: Legends and Call of Duty: Mobile ran very well and looked superb. Audio quality from the four speakers was very good too, with clear vocals and mid-range frequencies, although the bass felt a bit weak. The brute force of the M1 SoC really shows in benchmarks. The M1 iPad Pro (11-inch) scored 10,41,519 points in AnTuTu, compared to 6,48,660 points from the 2020 iPad Air with the A14 Bionic SoC and about 7,00,000 points from a 2020 iPad Pro (11-inch).

The cameras on the iPad Pro (11-inch) are among the best you’ll find on any tablet. The rear camera hardware hasn’t changed compared to last year’s model, but there is support for Smart HDR 3 this time for photos. You get a 12-megapixel main camera without OIS which can record up to 4K 60fps video, a 10-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and the True Tone flash. It would have been nice to have Night mode or the ability to shoot Dolby Vision HDR video on this year’s Pro model, but you can’t.

ipad pro 2021 11 inch M1 cameras gadgets 360 ww

For a tablet, the 2021 iPad Pro’s cameras are very good


One annoyance I faced is that the camera app doesn’t let you change the resolution or frame rate from the viewfinder in video mode, forcing you to go to the main iOS Settings app. Image and video quality was very good for a tablet. AR apps and games work best on the Pro models thanks to the LiDAR sensor, which creates a more accurate virtual map of the room you’re in. Angry Birds AR was fun to play, and apps such as JigSpace allow you to visualise realistic 3D renditions of objects. Apple Clips has some cool AR filters too, which are rendered nicely on the iPad Pro.

2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) rear camera sample

2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) front camera sample


The front camera has a new 12-megapixel sensor with a 122-degree field of view. It also supports Smart HDR 3 and can record video at up to 1080p. There’s also a new feature called Centre Stage. It uses AI to detect your face and keep it centred in the frame at all times. If you move around, it will automatically crop and reframe the shot to make sure you’re still in the centre. It works pretty well in apps such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx Meet, and can be toggled on or off if needed.

The iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch) has absolutely no trouble pulling off regular tablet duties, but now with a performance-shattering SoC like the M1 inside, many might be wondering if the iPad Pro can be used as a laptop replacement to do more intensive tasks. In my opinion, this solution is still a mixed bag and while it may work for some, it won’t necessarily suit everyone.

I’ve been using the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) with the iPad Pro (11-inch) for a few weeks. During this time I rarely had to fall back to my MacBook Air for work purposes, unlike my experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE (Review). This is because most of the apps that I rely on for work are already optimised for Apple’s tablets, which cannot be said for the Android ecosystem. Slack, Pages, Microsoft Word, etc work very well even when using them in Split View or Slide Over modes.

ipad pro 2021 11 inch M1 keyboard gadgets 360 ww

The optional Magic Keyboard lets you use the 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) as a laptop 


There are some exceptions though, such as Zomato and Instagram, which only run in portrait mode and are clearly just iOS apps blown up for the big screen. My USB Type-C hub was recognised properly too, and through it, I was able to read SD cards, pen drives, etc via the Files app.

The Apple Magic Keyboard also works with last year’s 11-inch iPad Pro and the iPad Air (2020). It’s great for typing and is very well built, although it does have its share of glaring issues for the steep price it commands, which we’ve talked about in detail in our iPad Air (2020) review. The Pencil is a nice accessory to have (albeit expensive) if you’re into drawing or sketching. I didn’t end up using it much during my testing period, but that’s just me.

While I had no trouble getting my daily work done purely on the iPad Pro, it still feels as though the M1 SoC is being severely under-utilised. Keep in mind that while Apple uses the M1 name for the same chip used across the latest iPad Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, Apple does not publish speeds or other specifications. These all have different thermal constraints and you won’t get exactly the same amount of sustained processing power on all these devices.

ipad pro 2021 11 inch M1 pencil gadgets 360 ww

The optional Apple Pencil is a useful tool if you’re into drawing or sketching


Apple says that a lot of pro apps such as LumaFusion for video editing, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for photo editing, Procreate for graphic design, etc, have been optimised for M1, which is great, but I would have loved the option of using full-fledged desktop apps on the iPad. It doesn’t seem as though this will happen even when iPadOS 15 is out later this year.

For instance, Adobe Premiere Rush works fine on the iPad Pro and I was able to edit and scrub through multiple high-resolution streams from a GoPro Hero9 Black and a GoPro Fusion without any issues. However, imagine being able to use the desktop version of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere on an iPad. While you can find decent alternatives for such apps for the iPad, you’ll most likely have to adapt to a different workflow, not to mention purchase these apps separately.

You also don’t get full multitasking or file system access in iPadOS like you would on a Mac. Another feature that’s still sorely missing is true external monitor support. Yes, you can mirror the iPad Pro to an external display, but what we need is the ability to use an external monitor without needing the iPad’s display to be on all the time.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch) battery life

Apple claims up to 10 hours of battery life with either web usage or video watching, and in my testing, I found these claims to be pretty accurate. In fact, I often ended up getting close to 12 hours of runtime on a single charge. This number dipped a bit if I used a lot of AR or video editing apps, but overall, battery life was more than satisfactory. The iPad Pro (11-inch) ran for just under 11 hours in our HD video loop test. I was even more impressed with the battery life during actual usage considering I had the iPad Pro (11-inch) docked to the Magic Keyboard almost constantly, and I also charged the Apple Pencil from time to time.

Apple still bundles a charger in the box (20W) unlike with its iPhones, and using it, I was able to charge the iPad Pro (11-inch) up to 54 percent in an hour and about 97 percent in two hours. If you have a higher wattage USB-PD charger, you can charge the iPad Pro quicker. Using the OnePlus 65W fast charger and a third-party charging cable, the iPad Pro (11-inch) charged up to 63 percent in an hour and reached 100 percent in well under two hours.

ipad pro 2021 11 inch vs macbook air gadgets 360 ww

While the 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) can be used as a laptop, the M1 MacBook Air is still the more sensible choice



Apple really hit a home run with the M1 SoC and it’s only natural to see this chip transition to multiple devices. I wouldn’t be surprised to see future iPhone Pro models get a version of this SoC too. However, if you were expecting to see a massive jump in app performance or battery life between an M1-based iPad Pro and the 2020 iPad Pro with the A12Z Bionic, then you might be disappointed. I am referring specifically to the 11-inch model here, as I haven’t used the new 12.9-inch model with the fancy mini-LED display.

The iPad Pro line has always had best-in-class Apple SoCs but have also always been held back by iPadOS and iPad apps. It doesn’t seem that iPadOS 15 will bring any major changes in the way you use an iPad or the kind of apps you can get, which means the new iPad Pros have a lot of untapped potential that’s just waiting for software to catch up. You might see performance benefits in certain M1-optimised apps compared to the 2020 iPad Pros, but the difference might barely be noticeable unless your workloads can take advantage of them.

The sad truth is that we may never get desktop-class apps on the iPad, no matter how powerful the iPad gets, for one simple reason — Apple also sells laptops and desktop computers, and it wouldn’t want the iPad to cannibalise the sales of its other products.

If you’ve already sunk a good chunk of change into a 2020 iPad Pro (11-inch) then it’s safe to skip the 2021 model. Unless you’re facing performance issues in the apps you use regularly (which should be rare), I don’t think the M1 11-inch model will change your life in any way. If your workflow involves editing HDR content on the go, you might possibly benefit by upgrading to the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro instead, but keep in mind that you’ll have to adapt your workflow to iPad apps.

For most people looking to experience the power of Apple’s M1 SoC, I think the best option is still the MacBook Air. It’s the most-value-for-money Apple computer you can currently buy and is way more versatile in terms of software and usability than an iPad. The new 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch) is a great device, but if you’re going to be spending this kind of money on a tablet, you might as well go all-in and consider the larger 12.9-inch model for its better display. If it’s just the compact form factor you’re after and don’t mind compromising on a few features, the current-gen iPad Air is the next best thing.


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Latest News Today – 5G Phone Demand Grows Among Customers Planning to Buy


Over two-third of customers in major markets planning to purchase a new smartphone in the next six months prefer getting a 5G model, according to a report released by consulting firm Kantar. China led the markets where as much as 91 percent of customers showed interest in purchasing a 5G phone. However, the trend of buying 5G phones is also zooming in on the US. Kantar’s report also highlighted growing interest among customers in markets including the US and Europe for purchasing smartphones from a physical store.

Kantar noted that 74 percent of customers in the US showed interest in buying a 5G phone. The percentage is indeed lower than the customer base looking to own models based on the next-generation network technology in China. However, the firm said that 5G capability as a purchase reason remained nearly flat in the Chinese market year-on-year, with one in five buyers citing the feature as a buying driver.

“Of the top 10 models sold in China, 70 percent are 5G enabled,” said Kantar Consumer Insights Director Jennifer Chan. “In Japan, this is 60 percent; it’s 50 percent in both the US and Australia, and 40 percent across the EU5 (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain).”

On the sales front, Kantar found that the share of Samsung sales grew by four percentage points in Australia and the US, taking over 30 percent of total sales in the second quarter of 2021. Samsung’s sales were, however, still behind those of the iPhone.

In the US and China, iOS share was found to have grown two percentage points each year-over-year. This was, however, not the trend in Japan where Android sales grew five percentage points driven by strong performance from Sharp and Oppo.

smartphone os sales q2 2021 kantar Smartphone OS sales share

Smartphone OS sales share in the US, China, and major European markets
Photo Credit: Kantar


Kantar also found that in the US as well as in Britain, France, Italy, and Spain, channel shares for in-store sales increased by at least 10 percentage points year-on-year in the second quarter. This suggests that more people preferred to purchase phones through physical stores over online.

“In-store sales shares are also up this quarter compared to Q1 2021 in Great Britain (+13 percentage points), US (+7 percentage points), Germany (+4 percentage points), and Spain (+3 percentage points),” Chan said.

The rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations alongside businesses opening up and reducing restrictions are considered among the key reasons for the growth of in-store purchases of smartphones.

Kantar also mentioned in its report that smartphone owners in the US who self-purchased their phone from a physical store were more likely to agree to the statement saying, “I keep my smartphone for as long as I can.” It was 80 percent over 77 percent online buyers. The same pattern has been noticed in Australia, Japan, and major European markets, the report said.

It has also been specified that in-store smartphone buyers in the US, Australia, and Japan were more likely to agree that they prefer buying brands that they are familiar with. Customers in these markets along with the key European ones were also more likely to agree with the statement that if they were going to be able to use a new technology product, somebody had to show them how to use it.

Kantar has notably not provided any details about the sample size it took for developing this report.


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Latest News Today – MagSafe Battery Pack Teardown Reveals Power Capacity,


MagSafe Battery Pack was launched earlier this month by Apple for its iPhone 12 series. A teardown of this wireless on-the-go battery charger reveals the battery capacity and other details. The MagSafe Battery Pack has two identical batteries integrated inside and each are labelled as 5.733Wh. In total, the MagSage Battery Pack has a capacity of 1,460mAh and the voltage is at 7.62V. The teardown also offers extensive details about the circuits inside the battery pack, along with heat dissipation and other details.

The latest teardown has been published by ChargerLAB on YouTube. In the video, the MagSafe Battery Pack from Apple is completely dismantled to show its viewers the internals and the battery capacity. The cover itself has two copper coils, with one that is connected to an NFC chip. Once the PCB module is removed, two batteries of identical sizes are revealed. The total capacity of 1,460mAh is quite less for a battery pack, especially when compared to other third-party battery packs out there.

A metal heat sink and a copper foil are attached to the shell for better heat dissipation. ChargerLAB goes on to detail all the circuits and silicon on the PCB module. You can watch the full video below:

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack carries a price tag of Rs. 10,900 in India ($99 in the US). It is currently available for orders in the US. The Apple India online store has also listed the battery pack, but delivery is listed to be ‘currently unavailable.’

The MagSafe Battery Pack is compatible with iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Once the battery pack is attached on the back, it starts charging the iPhone automatically, without any need for pressing a button. The MagSafe Battery Pack can be charged while attached to the iPhone with a Lightning cable.

For the latest tech news and reviews, follow Gadgets 360 on Twitter, Facebook, and Google News. For the latest videos on gadgets and tech, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Tasneem Akolawala is a Senior Reporter for Gadgets 360. Her reporting expertise encompasses smartphones, wearables, apps, social media, and the overall tech industry. She reports out of Mumbai, and also writes about the ups and downs in the Indian telecom sector. Tasneem can be reached on Twitter at @MuteRiot, and leads, tips, and releases can be sent to [email protected]

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Latest News Today – iPad mini 6 Rumoured to Not Have Mini-LED Display;


iPad mini 6 may not come with a mini-LED display that is speculated to be a part of new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models, rumoured to debut in the coming months. The latest speculation comes just days after iPad mini specifications surfaced on the Web. The next-generation iPad mini model is expected to have an all-new SoC and a redesigned build. In addition to iPad mini 6, Apple is rumoured to have its new AirPods in the works that could be called the AirPods 3. These new true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds are expected to debut at the iPhone 13 launch in September.

Ross Young, CEO of display market tracker Display Supply Chain Consultants, on Friday tweeted that iPad mini 6 would not feature the mini-LED display technology. Young’s tweet refuted a recent DigiTimes report that suggested the presence of mini-LED display on the next-generation iPad mini.

Apple is rumoured to offer mini-LED displays on its new MacBook Pro models later this year to deliver a better viewing experience while some new iPad Pro models and a next-gen MacBook Air is speculated to arrive with mini-LED displays next year.

Previous reports suggested that iPad mini 6 would debut with an all-new design later this year that could be similar to iPad Air 4. It is also tipped to have Apple’s A15 chip as well as an iPad Pro-like magnetic smart connector.

Separately, DigiTimes reported citing people familiar with the development that Apple is preparing its AirPods 3 (next-generation AirPods) that are likely to debut in the second half of this year. The launch could take place at the iPhone 13 event in September.

Earlier this year, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the AirPods 3 could launch in the third quarter of 2021. An image suggesting the design of the new AirPods model also surfaced on Weibo in April. It indicated some similarities with the AirPods 2, though the new model could have slight differences in cutouts for sensors and noise flow. However, Kuo suggested last year that the new AirPods could come with an AirPods Pro-like design and its similar system-in-package (SiP) technology.

The DigiTimes report suggested that the AirPods 3 pricing would align with the existing models. This means that there may not be much price difference between the AirPods 3 and AirPods 2 prices. The last-generation AirPods were launched in India at Rs. 14,900 with the standard charging case, while the variant with the wireless charging case carried a price tag of Rs. 18,900.

Alongside the new iPad mini and AirPods, Apple is rumoured to have a new external display in development. 9to5Mac reports that the new display is currently under internal testing with codename J327. It is expected to have a dedicated A13 chip and Neural Engine to deliver high-end graphics on Mac computers without using all their resources.

Exact launch plans of the external display are yet to be revealed, though. It is also important to note that the device is reported to be in the testing phase, that means Apple may consider some changes in the final product or may just ditch the development altogether.


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Latest News Today – MacBook Pro With Mini-LED Display May Launch Around


Apple is scheduled to release new MacBook Pro later this year, and a new report seems to corroborate that claim. The next-gen MacBook Pro is expected to launch in the third quarter of this year, presumably sometime between September and November. This MacBook Pro will come with a Mini-LED display, a new technology that relies on thousands of backlit small LEDs to offer higher contrast ratios and deeper blacks. TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo separately reports that a MacBook Air with Mini-LED display is also in the works.

Kuo’s investor note was accessed by 9to5Mac and it says that the MacBook Air with Mini-LED display will launch sometime in mid-2022. This could mean that Apple may launch it during WWDC 2022 or even during its spring event. The analyst says that the next-gen MacBook Air will reportedly come with Mini-LED display technology and may come with a display size of 13.3-inch. Kuo had earlier mentioned of a MacBook Air launch for 2022, but didn’t detail on a specific schedule. The next-year’s MacBook Air is also expected to see a design refresh and integrate Apple’s M2 chip as well.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports in his Power On newsletter, accessed by 9to5Mac, that the most premium MacBook range by Apple will launch sometime between September and November this year. The report says that the MacBook Pro model will also come with Mini-LED display. This falls in line with what Kuo had reported earlier on MacBook Pro launching in the third quarter of this year. In the newsletter, Gurman says, “These new MacBooks were supposed to launch earlier, but complications around the new Mini-LED display have held up production.”

Previous reports indicate that the new MacBook Pro models launching in September are expected to come in 14-inch and 16-inch display sizes and may be powered by the Apple M1X processor. The M1X chip is expected to greatly outpace the performance and capabilities of the current M1 chips.

Leaks indicate that the next-gen MacBook Pro models may have a redesigned chassis, magnetic MagSafe charger, and more ports for connecting external drives and devices. Apple may also be bringing back the HDMI port and SD card slot.

For the latest tech news and reviews, follow Gadgets 360 on Twitter, Facebook, and Google News. For the latest videos on gadgets and tech, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Tasneem Akolawala is a Senior Reporter for Gadgets 360. Her reporting expertise encompasses smartphones, wearables, apps, social media, and the overall tech industry. She reports out of Mumbai, and also writes about the ups and downs in the Indian telecom sector. Tasneem can be reached on Twitter at @MuteRiot, and leads, tips, and releases can be sent to [email protected]

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Latest News Today – iOS 14.7 Released With MagSafe Battery Pack Support,


iOS 14.7 has been released by Apple as the newest software update for all compatible iPhone models. The new iOS version comes nearly a couple of months after the release of iOS 14.6 that was released in May. The iOS 14.7 update brings support for the MagSafe Battery Pack and includes a list of improvements. Alongside the iOS update, Apple has brought watchOS 7.6 and tvOS 14.7 as two of its new software releases. The watchOS update particularly brings support for the ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notifications to 30 additional regions.

iOS 14.7: What’s new?

One of the biggest changes that iOS 14.7 brings is support for MagSafe Battery Pack that was launched earlier this month. The software addition is available for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 mini. It is meant to essentially provide battery status of the MagSafe Battery Pack on the home screen of your iPhone.

The iOS 14.7 update also upgrades the Home app with the ability to manage timers on the HomePod. It also includes an updated podcasts library to let you choose to see all shows or only shows that you follow.

Apple has also introduced an Apple Card Family feature through iOS 14.7 to let you combine credit limits and share co-owned accounts with existing Apple Card users. The update also expands air quality information in Weather and Maps for Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, and Spain.

In addition to the new features, iOS 14.7 fixes some known bugs. These include the one making share playlist menu option missing in Apple Music and the other one unexpectedly stopping Dolby Atmos and Apple Music lossless audio playback. There is also a fix for the bug that was making the battery service message disappear after rebooting some iPhone 11 models. Further, the update addresses a problem in which Braille displays were showing invalid information while composing Mail messages.

There may also be some security fixes as a part of the iOS 14.7 update that are yet to be detailed on the company’s security page.

Apple may have released iOS 14.7 as its last update in the iOS 14 family as it is working towards bringing iOS 15 in the coming future. The new iOS version was unveiled at WWDC last month with a series of FaceTime and iMessage features.

watchOS 7.6, tvOS 14.7: What’s new?

Apple has brought support for the ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notifications to 30 additional regions. The ECG app is notably compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and later versions. You can look at the support regions by visiting the feature availability webpage on the Apple site.

Specifically for Apple TV users, the Cupertino company has brought tvOS 14.7 with “general performance and stability improvements”.

iOS 14.7, watchOS 7.6, tvOS 14.7: How to download

You can download iOS 14.7 on an iPhone or iPod touch model that is eligible for iOS 14. You can download the update by going to Settings > General > Software Update from your device.

For the watchOS 7.6 update, your Apple Watch should be compatible with watchOS 7 and newer versions. You can download the update if it’s compatible by going to the My Watch tab from the Watch app connected on your Apple device. Alternatively, you can download the update directly from your Apple Watch.

Apple TV users can look for downloading tvOS 14.7 on their device by going to Settings > System > Software Update. It will also reach compatible devices if automatic updates are enabled from the user side.


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Latest News Today – World Emoji Day: New Emojis Await Approval, iOS Users


World Emoji Day is being celebrated today, July 17, and while new emojis await approval to join the next major update, Emoji 14.0, the public beta preview of iOS 15 allows fun Memoji customisations. iOS 15 also offers nine new Memoji stickers. Read on to find out about the next set of emojis that will arrive on your smartphones either by the end of this year or early next year. 

In the draft set of emojis are a saluting face, a biting lip, and something all of us will resonate with — a low battery emoji. The heart-hand emoji, that was missing until now, is also there in the next draft called Emoji 14.0. Some of the other notable inclusions are a melting face, a face with open eyes and hand over mouth, and a face with a peeking eye emoji.

The new emojis are scheduled to be approved in September 2021. Once approved, the eligible ones will head to your smartphones in late 2021 or throughout 2022.

While these emojis arrive, iPhone users don’t have to wait as Apple, on the occasion of World Emoji Day, has offered its users to dress up their Memoji stickers with new customisations that are available in the public beta preview of iOS 15, the company announced in a press release.

Divided into five categories, these include options to customise your Memoji with over 40 outfits to reflect your style, mood, or the season with up to three different colours. The next category is the multi-coloured headgear and a user can use a Memoji to represent a favourite sports team or university. Apple has also included three new glasses — heart, star, and retro-shaped. You can also select the colour for the frame and lenses.

The remaining two categories are accessibility options and two different eye colours. The first allows you to represent yourself with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, or a soft helmet. With the second, users can select a different colour for their left eye and right eye. 

Besides, iOS15 — that will be available later this year — offers nine new Memoji stickers, including a shaka, a hand wave, a light bulb moment, and more. Meanwhile, users who want to test the upcoming iOS 15 can do so by signing up for the public beta via this link.


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Latest News Today – Call of Duty: Mobile Beta Test Kicks Off, Brings Content


Call of Duty: Mobile beta test has started allowing players to get an early look at what’s to come in Season 6. The latest beta build is available for Android and iOS users through an ‘apk’ and a Test Flight programme, respectively. The development was shared on the official Call of Duty: Mobile subreddit f/CallOfDutyMobile along with some of the new content that will be present in the build. There are new maps, new operator skills, optimisations to battle royale, and UI changes.

The Call of Duty: Mobile Team took to Reddit to share details of the latest beta build for Android and iOS. It brings some of the features and changes that may make their way to Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 or maybe even Season 7. Currently, Season 5 is running on the stable version of the game. As per the Reddit post, the Call of Duty: Mobile public beta test build includes two new multiplayer maps called Slums and Stacks. There are new operator skills, scorestreaks, perks, and grenade types.

The battle royale mode has been optimised as well. The build will also include some UI changes and improvements. This build does not include the upcoming Zombies mode.

As this is a beta build, be warned that it can be buggy and may have placeholder text in some areas. The content present in the beta build may or may not make its way to the final release. It may even skip the next season and return in the season after that. As of now, there is no end date for this beta test. Android users can download the 64-bit or 32-bit version of the game while iOS users can head to the Test Flight link. Do note that both platforms have limited number of slots for beta testers.

The developers have said that all the data collected through the tests will be eventually deleted, adding that the content is suited for those over 16 years of age.

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Twitter is Adding the Ability to Limit Replies to Tweets After Posting

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Apple, Citigroup, BlackRock, BofA, Delta: What to Watch When the | Sidnaz Blog


Futures are inching up with another wave of reports from big banks under way. Here’s what we’re watching ahead of Wednesday’s trading action.

Bank of America said low interest rates remain a challenge.


David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News

  • Apple

    AAPL 0.79%

    shares jumped 2% premarket after Bloomberg reported that the company is aiming to boost its iPhone production this year by up to 20%. And even though this year’s product update, due in September, is expected to bring only incremental changes, Apple is hoping that the shift to 5G and a better consumer environment post-pandemic will have the newer phones flying off the shelves.

  • American Airlines

    AAL -3.93%

    earnings aren’t due until next week, but investors appear to be hoping for some good news, as its shares are up 3% premarket.

  • Investors in Canadian sports-media and betting company

    Score Media & Gaming

    SCR -2.51%

    were taking their money off the table, sending its U.S.-traded shares down more than 7% off hours. It logged greater sales year over year in the latest quarter due to strength in its media business, but it posted a larger net loss as expenses rose.

  • ZoomInfo Technologies

    ZI -0.19%

    slipped 0.4% premarket after the business-intelligence platform, which is buying for $575 million, on Tuesday raised about $500 million in debt.

Chart of the Day
  • Investor and government funds are pouring into clean tech years after the failures of Solyndra and A123 Systems chilled early enthusiasm for green investing.

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