Telangana: Missing for 25 days, | Hyderabad News Today

HYDERABAD: It is going to be a new challenge to the police searching for the missing Indian Army jawan with the turn of the month.
With his monthly salary expected to be deposited in his account, police are now literally keeping their fingers crossed on what his move would be.
B Sai Kiran Reddy of Siddipet district went missing on December 6.
He withdrew all his money and also the small amounts that his family has been depositing just so that he does not find it difficult to survive. But now with his salary expected to be credited into his account from the Army, the jawan will have access to more money. What has become unpredictable is what he will do with that.
Will he continue to be in Telangana as he has been over the last 20 days, as he has been in hiding? Or make a large withdrawal to travel somewhere else? It could also be possible that he could make use of the money to pay for his stay wherever he will. Police are keeping their fingers crossed on his next move.
“We are sparing no effort to trace him. We have been tracking every movement and we are getting to know where he is withdrawing money. But he has been elusive as it appears he has deliberately been trying to hide. He has neither reported for work at Faridkot at his unit nor contacted his family or friends,” Husnabad ACP Satish told TOI.
The 21-year-old jawan Sai Kiran Reddy of Pothireddypalli in Cheriyal of Siddipet left Hyderabad by flight to Delhi on December 5.
The following day he was supposed to report at his unit in Faridkot but got down the train at Bathinda and took a cab back to Delhi. He then surfaced in Telangana.
Police have found that he withdrew money in Karimnagar, Narsampet in Warangal.
The last trace was in Bhadrachalam where he withdrew even small amounts which the family had deposited for his sustenance at the suggestion of the police.

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Telangana: Nizamabad jawan falls from tree, dies | Hyderabad | Sidnaz Blog

HYDERABAD: A jawan from Nizamabad district died in Punjab in a freak mishap. Soldier Dadannagari Kalyan Rao (25) of Venkatapuram village in Makloor mandal fell from a tree in Bathinda while discharging his duties and sustained critical injuries. He succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday.
Rao’s body is set to be sent home on Friday and his last rites will be performed in Venkatapuram. Rao has been serving the Indian Army for the last six years. He was in the technical wing.
TRS MLC Kavitha Kalvakuntla and Nizamabad MP D Arvind condoled the death of Rao.

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TRS responsible for Telangana not having a single Sainik | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Union minister of state for defence Shripad Naik has said though the central government sanctioned a Sainik School in Warangal, there had been no response from the Telangana government on the same.
Responding to a question raised by Congress MP N Uttam Kumar Reddy in Lok Sabha a few days ago, Naik said the ministry of Defence has accorded in-principle approval and signed a memorandum of agreement on March 2, 2017 for opening of a Sainik School at Warangal District. Thereafter, there has been no response from the Telangana government, till date.
Referring to the reply, TPCC president and Nalgonda MP N Uttam Kumar Reddy said it was shocking that the TRS Government has ignored the setting up of a Sainik School in the state for 4 years after the Ministry of Defence gave an in-principle approval.
“It is abundantly clear from the above statement that the delay in setting up of a Sainik School in Telangana, even after 7 years of formation of the State, is largely due to the negligent attitude of the TRS government. As an alumni of National Defence Academy (NDA) and former military officer, I urge the state government to seriously take up the process of setting up a Sainik School in Telangana to enable thousands of young men and women to take up a career as officers of the Army, Navy and Air Force,” he said.
The setting up of a Sainik School in Warangal would also put Warangal into limelight on the map of India and create direct and indirect employment to many youth in and around Warangal. Sainik Schools in India are the feeding institutions for National Defence Academy, Pune. which is the main military training academy for officers of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. Sainik Schools are financed by the ministry of defence and charge only nominal fee from students. Uttam said.
Over the past few decades, lakhs of Sainik School students have become outstanding military officers and also made their mark in many walks of life. There are 33 Sainik Schools in various states in the country in which 16176 students are studying at nominal cost. Unfortunately, the only state in the country with no Sainik School at present is Telangana, Uttam added.

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7 Army Officers Among 23 Named By CBI In | Sidnaz Blog

The CBI said searches were conducted today at 30 places in 13 cities.

New delhi:

Five Lieutenant Colonels, a Major and a Lieutenant of the Indian Army were among 23 people named by the CBI in an investigation into corruption involving recruitment to the force on Monday following searches in 30 places in 13 cities.

The accused include 17 army personnel in all and six others with “allegations pertaining to bribery and irregularities in recruitment of officers and other ranks through Service Selection Board”, the CBI said.

The agency said the case was registered based on a complaint from the office of Additional Directorate General, Discipline & Vigilance, Adjutant General’s Branch, Integrated HQ of Ministry of Defence (Army).

The CBI received a complaint last month that serving personnel were involved in accepting bribes for helping candidates clear medical exams at the Base Hospital in New Delhi.

Lt Col MVSNA Bhagwan of the Army Air Defence Corps, the alleged mastermind of the recruitment racket, is among those named, they said.

The complaint said that Lt Col Bhagwan, currently on study leave, and Naib Subedar Kuldeep Singh also received kickbacks from potential officer candidates at SSB centres.

The agency said that Lt Col Surender Singh of 31 SSB centre North; Lt Col YS Chauhan of 6 Mountain Division Ordnance Unit; Lt Col Sukhdev Arora of Directorate General of Recruiting; Lt Col Vinay, GTO, Selection Centre South, Bangalore; and Major Bhavesh Kumar allegedly facilitated the selection of candidates through SSB.

It is alleged that bribes in several lakh rupees were paid to the officers and their relatives through cheques, cash, and online transfers for the selection of candidates, they said.

Searches were conducted today at 30 places including the Base Hospital at the Delhi Cantonment, other army establishments, civilian areas covering 13 cities, the CBI said.

The locations searched include those in Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur, Guwahati, Kapurthala, Bathinda, Kaithal, Palwal, Bareilly, Gorakhpur, Vishakhapatnam, Jorhat and Chirangon.

The searches led to the recovery of several incriminating documents which are being studied, the agency said.

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Four young sailors march towards career in Army | Hyderabad | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Madhava and Bharati Rao, parents of 10-year-old Manideep Perikatta, couldn’t stop beaming on Saturday. Earlier this week, their son was selected for the Army Boy Sports Company in Bengaluru – set up by the Indian Army under its engineer’s regiment.
The institute draws sportspersons from across the country and trains them for their induction into the Armed forces.
Manideep, a student of Alpha Omega school in Rasoolpura, is among the four chosen to join the institute in Bengaluru. Each of these young boys have been trained by the Yacht Club of Hyderabad Foundation.
Barely able to contain his excitement, Madhava Rao said: “We came to Hyderabad in 1995. We’ve faced several challenges because of no job security. Today, we are very happy that my son got an opportunity to join the Armed forces. This wouldn’t have been possible without the four months of training that my son was given at sailing here (Yatcht Club of Hyderabad).”
He and his wife migrated to Hyderabad from Odisha and have been working as construction workers to eke out a living.
The other three boys are: Nitin Nayak (Nagarkurnool), Abiram Kavarala (Wanaparthy) and Harshavardhan Yerra (Vikarabad). All these young sailors come from modest backgrounds, with their parents doing odd jobs to earn a livelihood. The club selects its sailors from marginalised communities and trains them for national and international levels. “When I joined the Yacht Club of Hyderabad, I saw a few of my seniors in the Army and Navy teams but I did not even dream I would be part of those teams too. I am very grateful for the intensive training and support provided to me by the foundation,” said Harshavardhan, son of a farmer from Chilkur.
The founder and coach of the club, Suheim Sheikh, too is extremely proud of the boys. He said, “We’ve been training kids for about 10 years now. We have trained about 1,000 of them so far. Getting four of our boys selected when only eight were chosen out of hundreds of applicants is very satisfying. Once they pass their class 10 boards, they will be inducted into the Armed forces directly. This is a clear indication that our training and systems are well established. Dignity Through Sports is our motto and this is surely another step in exactly that direction.”
The club also sent six girls under their Naavika programme to the Atlantic Week in Portugal, Spain and to Oman for the Asians in 2019 and 2020.

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New Chinese Ammunition Bunkers | Sidnaz Blog



Military-grade, hardened Chinese bunkers to store ammunition. 2020 Maxar Technologies. High-res here


  • Earlier images indicate bunkers not there in December 2019
  • Imagery shows road access bunkers to Sinche-La pass
  • This is then connected to road that stretches across Doklam plateau

New Delhi:

Satellite imagery accessed by NDTV shows the construction of what appears to be military-grade, hardened ammunition bunkers, 2.5 kilometres away from Sinche-La pass on the eastern periphery of the contested Doklam plateau near the border between Bhutan and China in the area.

Military observers say these fit the description of ammunition storage facilities and their location, just 7 kilometres from Doka La, the site of the 2017 face-off between Indian and Chinese forces, could indicate an enhanced level of military preparedness by Chinese forces.

“The construction of new ammunition storage bunkers is likely aimed to reinforce the Chinese troops at these bases, allowing them to fight more efficiently if a conflict were to develop at Doklam,” says Sim Tack, a leading satellite imagery expert and military analyst at Force Analysis. “This is a concerning development, especially following the recent discovery of the Chinese village across the border in Bhutan, and could point to renewed tensions in the Doklam area.”

Earlier images of the same site accessed by NDTV indicate that construction of these bunkers had not started in December 2019. Recent images of October 28, this year, indicate that construction is almost complete. “These appear to be hardened storage shelters,” says Lieutenant General HS Panag (retired), a former Northern Army commander. “This is most likely an ammunition dump.”


New Chinese ammunition bunker facility has been constructed in less than one year. Satellite image 2020 Maxar Technologies. For high-resolution pics, click here and here

The construction of these facilities comes at a time when India and China are in the midst of their most serious standoff since the 1962 war. Tens of thousands of soldiers from either side have hunkered down for a winter stand-off in eastern Ladakh that began in early May this year.

High-resolution images from Maxar Technologies indicate road access from the site of the bunkers to the Sinche-La pass, which is then connected to an all-weather road constructed by Chinese workers that stretches across the 5 kilometre-wide Doklam plateau.

The presence of these new bunkers, black-topping of the road on the Doklam plateau post the 2017 stand-off, the construction of a ‘village’ and 9-kilometre track adjacent to the plateau are clear signs that China has no compunctions in carrying on with construction activity in territory Bhutan considers its own. India has historically backed Bhutan’s claim.


Location of hardened bunkers near Sinche La, near China-Bhutan border. Satellite image 2020 Maxar Technologies. For high-resolution pic, click here

The construction of the new hardened bunkers appears to be an effort at militarily reinforcing the larger Doklam region and the Chumbi Valley, Chinese territory, that lies to its North.


A September 2020 study by STRATFOR, the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform, says the 2017 Doklam crisis “appears to have shifted China’s strategic objectives, with China more than doubling its total number of air bases, air defence positions and heliports near the Indian border over the past three years.”

The precise location of these facilities has been spelt out by the satellite imagery expert Detresfa.

On Sunday, NDTV highlighted satellite images of a Chinese village called Pangda that lies 2.5 kilometres within the territorial boundaries of Bhutan, as defined by official maps from its National Statistics Bureau.

The satellite images also show the presence of a 9-kilometre road that stretches beyond this village and could, potentially, be part of a plan to access the Zompelri ridgeline from the east.

Access to this ridge, China’s original objective during the 2017 crisis, would enable its troops to have a clear line of sight to the “Chicken’s Neck”, the narrow expanse of land that connects India’s north-eastern states with the rest of the country.

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Indian Army Used Pinpoint | Sidnaz Blog



After Pakistani firing, Army had retaliated and destroyed Pakistani bunkers last week (File)

New Delhi:

The Army had carried out “pinpointed strikes” on terror launch pads inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) in response to Pakistani military’s unrelenting efforts to push maximum number of terrorists into India before the onset of harsh winters, defence sources said today.

The Army said there was no firing or ceasefire violation along the Line of Control (LoC) on Thursday.

Referring to recent attempts of cross-border terrorism, the sources said the “deep state” in Pakistan tried to manage a fine balance between escaping the scrutiny by global anti-terror watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and supporting terrorism with an aim to fuel unrest in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Army said reports that it carried out strikes on Thursday are “based on analysis of the ceasefire violations (CFV) that took place on November 13. There has been no firing or CFV in LoC today”.

Triggering a major flare up, Pakistan resorted to heavy shelling in several areas along the LoC in north Kashmir on Friday. Five Indian soldiers were killed in action and four civilians lost their lives.

The Army then launched a major retaliation, hitting several Pakistani positions with anti-tank guided missiles and artillery guns in which at least eight Pakistani soldiers were killed and 12 others injured.


In the last few weeks, the Pakistani Army has been aggressively targeting civilians along the LoC with indiscriminate firing using heavy-calibre artillery to support infiltration of terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir, sources said.

The sources said intelligence-based targeted strikes are being conducted by the Indian Army to neutralise mostly Pakistani and foreign terrorists, and the collateral damage has been very negligible in these operations.

A new pattern being followed by Pakistan in “inciting” unrest and arming young people in Jammu and Kashmir is to avoid any trace of its involvement due to growing international pressure on it to take action against terror groups operating from its soil, sources said.

“Pakistan has sought to target Indian villagers to send a message to people in the Kashmiri hinterland that to disobey Pakistani diktats and directives on terrorism will prove lethal,” a defence source said.

“Pakistan Army’s actions to exclusively target civilians are countered by Indian Army’s pinpoint strikes on suspected launch pads inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir,” the source said, adding terrorists who have died in Indian strikes in the area are shown as civilian deaths by Pakistan.

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