Rivian, FedEx, Cerner, Oracle: What to | Stock Market News Today

Stock futures are down at the end of a week that saw major central banks chart divergent courses as they confront inflation. Here’s what we’re watching in Friday’s action:

Cerner’s stock got a premarket boost after it was reported that Oracle was in talks to acquire the company.


Kris Tripplaar/Sipa USA/Associated Press

Chart of the Day
  • Investors say Chinese authorities are likely to ease up somewhat on the embattled real-estate sector and to loosen monetary policy, helping support Chinese corporate borrowers more broadly.

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Blackstone, AIG, NortonLifeLock, Morgan Stanley: What to Watch | Sidnaz Blog

Futures are mixed ahead of jobless figures and a second day of testimony from Federal Reserve Chairman

Jerome Powell

on Capitol Hill. S&P 500 contracts are down slightly. Nasdaq-100 futures are up, suggesting tech stocks will outperform.

Here’s what we’re watching ahead of Thursday’s trading action.

Prague-based Avast primarily makes free and premium security software, offering desktop and mobile-device protection.


david w cerny/Reuters

  • Is the steam coming out of meme stocks?

    AMC Entertainment,

    AMC -15.04%

    one favorite of the Reddit trading crowd, lost 3.7% premarket. If matched once trading begins, the stock would extend a decline of 43% over the past month.


    GME -6.91%



    BB -3.79%

    shares have both dropped by almost a quarter in that time.

  • Netflix

    NFLX 1.34%

    shares rose 2.6%. The streaming company, which reached a licensing deal over animated films with Universal this week, has been on a tear of late, gaining 11% for the month through Wednesday.

  • T. Rowe Price

    TROW -0.85%

    shares are up 2.6%. Analysts at Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley have raised their target prices for the stock in recent days. T. Rowe said this week it managed $1.62 trillion in assets at the end of June.

  • Supply-chain technology provider

    E2Open Parent

    ETWO -0.73%

    fell 1% after reporting a fall in profit and revenue in its fiscal first quarter from a year before.

Chart of the Day

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AMC, Ocugen, Carnival, Delta: What to Watch When the Stock Market | Sidnaz Blog

Here’s what we’re watching ahead of Monday’s opening bell.

What’s Coming Up
  • Earnings are due from


    TSLA 1.35%

    and and

    Brown & Brown

    BRO 1.02%

    after the close.

  • The Dallas Fed’s manufacturing survey, due at 10:30 a.m., is expected to rise to 31.7 in April from 28.9 a month earlier.
Market Movers to Watch

A person received a dose of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine during a visit of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris to a vaccination center in Chinatown in Chicago, April 6, 2021.


carlos barria/Reuters

Market Facts
  • Bitcoin prices on Friday ended the week down 18.3%. It was the largest weekly decline since the week ended March 13, 2020, when it fell 40.6%. Monday morning prices were up again, by 11%.
  • The Dow Jones Transportation Average is up for the past 12 consecutive weeks. It is its longest weekly winning streak since the 15 weeks ended Jan. 28, 1899.
  • On this day in 1973, the Chicago Board Options Exchange opened for trading, with call options available on 16 U.S. common stocks. For the first time, stock options were listed on a dedicated exchange and registered for trading in standardized form.
Chart of the Day

The wild market ride has lifted everything from lumber to stocks to bitcoin—and rarely have so many assets been up this much at once. The frenzy has extended far beyond conventional markets tracked by Wall Street firms.

Must Reads Since You Went to Bed

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How to Prepare for Your Post-Vax Slutty Summer | Sidnaz Blog

Adults are, of course, allowed to bang other consenting adults, and as of this week, they’re also all allowed to get vaccinated against COVID-19. And after over a year of mandated—and necessary—isolation, everybody’s randy. Hell, everybody’s been randy, but the vaccine rollout has finally revealed a light at the end of the tunnel. And for many people, that light is a slutty summer.

Even though it’s still important to stay safe, slutty summer is coming and, from what our sources are saying, there’s no stopping it. Danielle Noguera, CEO of 5 Star Smiles, a Miami business that specializes in cosmetic dentistry, said it’s “evident” that people are preparing for a 2021 season that will make up for 2020.

“Now that [the city] is opening back up, everybody wants to feel their greatest. They want to look their greatest,” she told Lifehacker, noting she’s seen lines outside of cosmetic surgery offices in Coral Gables for weeks, and that everyone she knows is already partying hard. “They want to just get ready for summer, you know? It’s exciting because everybody’s been on a world timeout for a year and a half.”

Planning to join in the festivities and want to stay safe? Here are some tips to help.

Remember that the pandemic isn’t over

You might have followed all the rules since March 2020—worn a mask, stayed inside, declined to see family over holidays, and gotten vaccinated—but not everyone did or has. There are plenty of people who have been eligible for the jab for months but refuse to get it. You have to account for them, and for the people who haven’t had the resources to get vaccinated or the luxury of being able to work from home. People are still dying from this virus.

So first things first: You still have to wear your mask, at least at indoor gatherings, if you aren’t sure everyone else present is vaccinated. (The CDC says if everyone is vaccinated and doesn’t live with an at-risk person, you can be mask-free, but are you really going to ask that question of everyone at a party?) Keep washing your hands, too. Get your vaccine card laminated or stored in a holder, and find out if your state has an app to store proof of your vaccine on your phone. Even if you feel totally over it, keep COVID-19 top of mind.

Think of all the ways you combatted transmittable diseases and infections in your pre-pandemic social life. You’d never share a lip balm with someone who had a visible cold sore. You’d never sleep with someone who refused to use protection or got evasive when you asked about the last time they got tested. COVID symptoms are the new cold sores in this analogy, and masks are the new condoms. Test results are the new… test results. Just incorporate COVID precautions into your existing pre-hookup checklist.

Get familiar with some new pre-pillow talk 

You might bust it open a lot in the coming months, but the fact remains that the process isn’t going to be just like it was in past summers. Namely, the days of bringing home a stranger and gaining carnal knowledge without first learning their name are gone.

The allure of an anonymous hookup might be strong if you’ve spent months sequestered with a roommate or family members you know way too much about—but hold off, at least for a while longer. You still need to know a few things about the person you’re trying to smash. Ask them when they had their last COVID test, what precautions they usually take, if they have a high-risk job, and whether they’re vaccinated.

Colleen, a Brooklyn-based 28-year-old and self-described “local ho,” told Lifehacker she’s going to spend the next few months “as naked as possible” and “being completely slutty” to make up for the summer of 2020. Still, she said, she plans on asking every potential partner about their vaccine status, no exceptions.

Drex Clemons, a stand-up comedian, “unabashed freak,” and recently-vaccinated 27-year-old Brooklyn resident, recently re-downloaded his old slate of dating apps and is ready to dive in, but he’s also been starting conversations with matches by bringing up his Johnson & Johnson vaccine to, “see if they open up about getting vaccinated themselves.” Clemons was clear he only wants to get with other vaccinated people, but noted that conversation hasn’t been a hard one to have at all.

“Being vaccinated is the new, ‘I have a dog,’” he explained. That is to say, most potential matches have already written it into their Tinder bios.

Prep with a personalized routine

Clemons and Colleen both said they’ve added a number of steps to their usual self-care routine in order to feel as good as possible, as fast as possible.

Colleen was always a runner, she said, but she started introducing HIIT workouts, yoga, and Peloton rides into her existing fitness routine. She was also always into skincare, but just splurged on top-of-the-line Drunk Elephant products and added new steps to her regimen, along with teeth whitening strips and a new electric toothbrush. A recent move was influenced in part by her desire to have roof access, and after signing a new lease she ordered new bikinis and plans to start getting “fully waxed.”

Clemons’ changes looked similar. He told Lifehacker, “I started going back to the gym, eating better, bought new spring clothes, moved to a better apartment, and updated my furniture.”

He also prepared mentally. Clemons pointed out he had a lot of personal growth in quarantine and no longer feels like the only thing he has to offer a potential partner is sex. From his experience on the apps, he said, he thinks other singles are in a similar state of mind.

“We all spent a year trying to figure out what we wanted,” he said, noting that while he’s encountered aggressively pro-slutty summer users with a Tinder bio instructing digital suitors to “swipe if [they] voted for Biden and enjoy eating ass,” he’s also found plenty of people who explicitly state they’re looking for meaningful relationships after so many months of loneliness.

Trust that if you weren’t among those who did a lot of quarantine soul-searching and self-improvement, you’re not alone, either. There’s still time to get your mind right, if you want.

Noguera added that she’s seen a lot of people embracing cosmetic enhancement after a year off from the beauty grind.

“A lot of people put on uncomfortable weight,” she said. “They’re not taking care of themselves. They haven’t done their hair or whatever it may be that makes one feel sexy or appealing. So right now, it’s just like an overflow of everybody wanting to feel good, look good, spend money, and be outside.”

Embrace the skin you’re in or do a total overhaul. No one has to know you just spent 15 months in your threadbare college sweats if you don’t want them to.

Get back into practice

Have you noticed you’re a little more awkward in conversation now when you do meet someone new? This Lifehacker writer recently bungled an in-person Dairy Queen order so badly that she was tempted to leave without her Brownie Batter Blizzard. Pre-pandemic, talking to people—from hot guys to ice cream servers—wasn’t really an issue.

The moral of this story is you need to stick with it, whether you’re waiting on a frozen treat after forgetting how to communicate or trying to talk with a prospective lover. There’s a reward at the end either way.

Clemons said that even though he’s logged back into the dating apps, he still plans to meet and talk to people in real life as much as possible.

“I’m going to be at outdoor bars, parks, hangs, and rooftops,” he said. “I prefer meeting people in person.”

We won’t lie to you: You might strike out here. But you also might have struck out trying to hit on someone back in 2019 when you had loads of practice, too. Don’t focus on how unaccustomed you’ve become to talking with people; focus on how easy it used to be, and remember you can get back to that point, even if you weren’t always successful then, either.

And here’s some good news: Colleen said she thinks she’ll end up lowering her old standards somewhat “in the name of having fun.” Even if you’re a little socially inept right now, everyone else is, too, so your odds at scoring are pretty high. Get out there—really out there, meaning outdoor bars whenever possible—and have fun. Safely.


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IBM, United Airlines, Tesla: What to Watch When the Stock Market | Sidnaz Blog

Here’s what we’re watching ahead of Tuesday’s opening bell.

  • Stock futures slipped, a day after faltering tech stocks dragged major indexes lower
  • Futures on the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.4% apiece. Tech-heavy Nasdaq-100 futures slipped 0.3%.
  • 10-year Treasury yields are higher at 1.625%, from 1.599% on Monday. The dollar slipped again. Crude-oil prices are rising ahead of stockpile data from the American Petroleum Institute. Read our full market wrap here.
What’s Coming Up
Market Movers to Watch

The Johnson & Johnson campus in Irvine, Calif., Aug. 26, 2019.


Mario Tama/Getty Images

Market Facts
  • By the end of Friday, S&P 500 companies that had already reported quarterly earnings had beaten profit expectations by a combined 30%, according to FactSet, compared with a five-year average of 7%.
  • Through Thursday, healthcare stocks have returned about 7% so far this year. That lags behind the S&P 500 by about 5 percentage points.
  • On this day in 1720, declaring that he “can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of the people,” Isaac Newton sold his 7,000 pounds’ worth of South Sea Co. stock at a 100% profit. But the excitement around England’s first great IPO proved too much even for him, and he soon got back in. Newton ended up losing 20,000 pounds when the bubble burst, and from that moment on, he could “never bear to hear the South Sea referred to for the rest of his life.”
Chart of the Day

European carbon credits are as close as investors can come to a sure thing. Ironically, the chief thing that might trip them up is too much excitement too soon, writes Heard on the Street columnist Rochelle Toplensky.

Must Reads Since You Went to Bed

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Palantir, Herbalife, Berkshire Hathaway: What to Watch When the | Sidnaz Blog

Stock futures and government bonds climbed Monday as investors awaited a slate of Federal Reserve speakers and data on the manufacturing sector.

Futures tied to the S&P 500 rose almost 1% and contracts for the Nasdaq-100 advanced 1.2% after a bruising week for technology stocks. The broad advance came as the yield on 10-year Treasury notes, the benchmark borrowing cost in global debt markets, slipped to 1.445% from 1.459% Friday. Read our full market wrap.

What’s Coming Up

Earnings are due from


MBI 3.99%

before markets open.

Zoom Video Communications

ZM 2.43%



SWCH 0.17%

will give updates after the close.

IHS Markit’s U.S. manufacturing index for February, due at 9:45 a.m. ET, is expected to hold steady at 58.5, unchanged from a preliminary reading. The Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing index for February at 10 a.m. is expected to tick up to 58.9 from 58.7 a month earlier.

U.S. construction spending for January, due at 10 a.m., is expected to increase 0.8% from a month earlier.

Market Movers to Watch


PLTR -0.25%

shares jumped 6% ahead of the bell. The move marks a directional shift after the stock suffered its biggest weekly selloff since going public.

Apollo Endosurgery

APEN 1.63%

soared more than 90% premarket. Monday morning it said one of its products had received an FDA designation as a breakthrough medical device, which could help patients gain access more quickly.

Teladoc Health

TDOC 0.70%

shares gained 4.4% premarket. It seems investors think that even a vaccine rollout won’t ding the provider of remote medical care via telephone and internet.

Johnson & Johnson

JNJ -2.64%

shares added 2.5% premarket. The first single-dose Covid-19 vaccine, a shot from Johnson & Johnson, was authorized for use, a big boost for a mass-vaccination campaign rushing to end the deadliest pandemic in more than a century.


HLF 0.45%

shares gained 3.1%. The company plans to overhaul its board as

Carl Icahn

winds down his eight-year involvement with the company and it looks to burnish its standing with other investors.

An Herbalife office in Torrance, Calif. on Aug. 28, 2020.


Mario Tama/Getty Images

Berkshire Hathaway

BRK.B -1.30%

class-B shares gained 2.2% premarket. The conglomerate posted an increased fourth-quarter profit Saturday, with

Warren Buffett

using his annual missive to investors to explain a recent surge in stock buybacks.

Market Fact

Crude futures jumped early Monday, with both Brent and WTI up 1.3%, as the hefty U.S. Covid-19 relief plan moved closer to confirmation and after Tehran rejected direct nuclear talks, reducing the prospect of Iranian oil making it to the market.

Chart of the Day

The pandemic savings glut has flooded German banks, encouraging them to charge negative rates on deposits and to offer customers ways to transfer money to other parts of Europe.

Must Reads Since you Went to Bed

Bond-Market Tumult Casts Doubt on ‘Lower for Longer’

Geode Closes Hedge-Fund Business

Credit Suisse Looks to Reduce Ties to SoftBank-Backed Greensill Capital

Investors Worry the Fed’s Fast Driving Means It’ll Have to Hit the Brakes

Rocket Lab Nears Deal to Merge With Vector SPAC

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Pinterest, Activision Blizzard, Peloton: What to Watch When the | Sidnaz Blog

Here’s what we’re watching before Friday’s trading gets underway.

U.S. stock futures rose, putting the S&P 500 on track for its best week in three months, on investors’ bets that a fresh coronavirus-relief spending package will bolster the economy.

Futures tied to the S&P 500 gained 0.5%, contracts linked to the technology-heavy Nasdaq-100 edged up 0.3% and Dow futures added 0.4%. Read our full market wrap.

What’s Coming Up

U.S. nonfarm payrolls, due at 8:30 a.m. ET, are expected to increase by 50,000 in January from a month earlier and the unemployment rate is expected to hold steady at 6.7%.


Baker Hughes

rig count, a proxy for activity in the oil sector, is out at 1 p.m. U.S. consumer credit data for December is out at 3 p.m.

Market Movers to Watch

—Robinhood lifted its trading restrictions on


GME -42.11%

up 6.5% premarket, and

AMC Entertainment,

AMC -20.96%

up 4.6%. But they’ll have to move a lot further to overcome yesterday’s drops of 42% and 21%, respectively. For our live blog of the action, follow this link.

Pinterest and Snap are jumping in opposite directions after the platforms added millions more new users than expected in their latest quarters, showing strong growth in social-media use during the pandemic.


PINS 0.91%

shares surged 10% ahead of the bell, while


SNAP -1.60%

shares slumped more than 7%.

Johnson & Johnson

JNJ 0.93%

got a premarket booster shot after it asked regulators to authorize emergency use of its Covid-19 vaccine. Its shares added 1.6%.

Activision Blizzard

ATVI -0.10%

‘s results offered more evidence of people killing time through the pandemic playing videogames. The game maker’s shares shot up more than 8% premarket to $100.35 a share after its holiday sales and revenue outlook topped expectations. KeyBanc raised its price target on the stock to $120 from $102.

—Pandemic favorite


PTON 7.04%

‘s stock dropped 7.1% after it reported sales and subscriptions more than doubled in the latest quarter despite long shipping delays that the company has promised to address as would-be customers vent their anger online.

Peloton Interactive stationary bikes for sale at the company’s showroom in Dedham, Mass. on Wednesday.


Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg News

T-Mobile US

TMUS 0.95%

shares lost 2.2% premarket after the wireless provider said its nearly year-old merger with Sprint will saddle the combined company with more costs this year as its engineers shift more subscribers onto a single network.

—Shares of cosmetics maker

Estee Lauder

EL 1.78%

rose more than 5% premarket. Its profit and sales rose for the recent quarter, better than the sales decline it had expected, as it booked gains from the Asia-Pacific region and online sales.


F 1.52%

shares nudged up 2.6% before the open after the Detroit auto maker said its fourth-quarter earnings were dented by lower truck output, and it vowed to nearly double its investment in electric and driverless cars.

—Shares of

Gilead Sciences

GILD 2.03%

added 2.7% premarket after the drug maker said demand for Veklury, its treatment for some Covid-19 patients, helped to drive fourth-quarter sales higher.

Market Fact

Average daily trading volume on


‘s online bond-trading platform topped $1 trillion in January, the company said Thursday. That marks the busiest month on record, beating March 2020 when plunging stock markets pushed investors into the safety of government debt.

Chart of the Day

Alibaba Group

sold $5 billion of bonds, showing investors remain eager to back the Chinese e-commerce giant despite its recent run-ins with authorities.

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Credit Suisse Was Alerted to Banker’s Misconduct Years Before Charges

TikTok Rival’s Stock More Than Doubles in Hong Kong Debut

Chobani Eyes 2021 Public Listing

23andMe to Go Public With Richard Branson-Backed SPAC

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General Electric, 3M, Etsy: What to Watch When the Stock Market | Sidnaz Blog

Here’s what we’re watching ahead of Tuesday’s opening bell.

U.S. stock futures were little changed after major indexes hit records a day earlier and investors got ready for a slew of blue-chip earnings. Read our full market wrap here.

What’s Coming Up


SBUX -0.44%


MSFT 1.58%


Texas Instruments

TXN 0.06%

are due to give results after markets close. 

—The Federal Reserve starts its two-day policy meeting. The International Monetary Fund releases its world economic outlook at 8 a.m. ET. The World Economic Forum’s virtual summit continues from Davos.

Market Movers to Watch

General Electric

GE -1.08%

is up 6% in premarket trading. It reported earnings that missed analysts’ estimates, but said that it ended the fourth quarter with $37 billion of liquidity. 


MMM 0.80%

rose 1.3% in premarket trading. It reported earnings per share that beat estimates and said it expects sales in 2021 to grow up to 8%.


ETSY -2.24%

is up 5.8% ahead of the opening bell. Tesla CEO

Elon Musk

tweeted “I kinda love Etsy” and “Bought a hand knit wool Marvin the Martian helm for my dog” in the early hours of the morning. The online marketplace’s shares have rallied more than 17% this month.  

A sign advertising the online seller Etsy Inc. in Times Square following Etsy’s initial public offering on the Nasdaq in New York, April 16, 2015.


mike segar/Reuters

—Oil exploration company


APA -3.97%

is up 5.2%, reversing direction after four straight days of losses.

Johnson & Johnson

JNJ 1.49%

reported earnings per share that shrank in the fourth quarter, but also said that it’s making progress on a Covid-19 vaccine. Its shares are up nearly 1% premarket. 

American Express

AXP -3.96%

shares fell 2% in premarket trading. It reported a decline in fourth-quarter revenue and earnings as it logged a negative provision for credit losses.

Raytheon Technologies

RTX -1.92%

added 2.6% premarket. The aerospace and defense manufacturer reported earnings per share, ex-items, that was above estimates. It also said it has a $67.3 billion backlog for its defense division and that it plans to buy back at least $1.5 billion shares in 2021.  


GME 18.12%

is rallying nearly 16% premarket. The videogame retailer’s shares surged to a record on Monday, rising more than 145% at one point, before plunging and seesawing back up again. The battle between day traders and short sellers appears to continue on. 

Market Fact

The Global Cannabis Stock Index, which tracks U.S.-listed marijuana stocks, has climbed 35% since the start of this year.

Chart of the Day

Small-investor trading activity has stayed super hot in 2021, highlighting the opportunity for big banks to tap into a rare source of growth.

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The Day-Trading Barbarians at the Gate Won’t Sack Wall Street

UBS Plans $4.5 Billion Share Buyback as Profit Surges

Traders, Producers Earn Cheaper Rates From Banks for Lowering Carbon Production

Citadel, Point72 to Invest $2.75 Billion Into Melvin Capital Management

Rent Collection Is Down, and Apartment Owners Feel the Squeeze

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