Latest News Today – Battlegrounds Mobile India Receives Patch to Fix Issues


Battlegrounds Mobile India — the local avatar of PUBG Mobile — received a client patch on Saturday to fix some of the known issues. The update fixes a bug that was causing the battle royale game to be stuck at the loading screen when the player is wearing Unicorn-set outfits. There is also a fix for the issue that was shutting down Battlegrounds Mobile India on some devices. Developer Krafton has released the patch just days after it reported the issues online. Some of the known problems are yet to be fixed, though.

Krafton provided release notes for the client patch through the Battlegrounds Mobile India site. As per the notes, the update fixes the problem that was keeping the game stuck at the loading screen when wearing Unicorn-set outfits. It was first reported last week.

The latest client patch also addresses the issue that was shutting down the game when accessing the Season (C1S1) menu on some devices. There is also a fix for the problem that was causing players to not get shot when riding a buggy vehicle in the Mission Ignition mode. Further, the patch fixes the issue that was reducing the sound coming from the Tesla vehicle of other players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has received the patch through a server-side update. This means that you don’t need to download a new version from the Google Play store. However, the patch will be applied once you restart the game.

Although the latest patch addresses a number of known issues, there are still some that are yet to be fixed. For instance, Krafton has mentioned on its site that users are still not able to claim in-game currency UC in some cases and receive an error saying, “UC not being claimed intermittently after purchase.” It appears when the affected users try to purchase the UC from the game.

Some users are also not able to claim rewards from the Daily Special Bundle. Similarly, in some cases, the game moves to a wrong page when a user accesses Supply Medal claimed from Advanced Supplies Crate.

Krafton has advised all these users to reach out to the developer team by going through Settings > Basic > Customer Service from the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India debuted earlier this month as the Indian version of PUBG Mobile and received its first content update last week. That update brought features including Mission Ignition mode and access to Tesla Gigafactory. However, it also introduced the issues that the company is fixing through its patches.

It is important to point out that Krafton has itself claimed that Battlegrounds Mobile India crossed the mark of over 34 million players in the first week of its launch. This suggests that the issues may have a large impact and thus requires speedy fixes.


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Latest News Today – Battlegrounds Mobile India July Update Is Now Live With


Battlegrounds Mobile India — the Indian avatar of PUBG Mobile — has received the first content update since its official release on July 2. The update introduces a new limited-time mode called Mission Ignition and an all-new weapon called MG3 among other changes. Battlegrounds Mobile India has also received the new Royale Pass Month system as a part of the update. In addition to the content update, developer Krafton has announced a partnership with Tesla to feature its Gigafactory on the Erangel map of the first-person battle royale game.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India version 1.5.0, which was briefly toured in a video released last week, enhances the gameplay with a new MG3 light machine gun (LMG). It replaces the M249 in the supply crate and can be obtained by airdrops while playing Classic maps and also from the Karakin map. The earlier M249 LMG has been excluded from airdrops and is now available in field drops. The gun will appear directly on the map for loot.

The MG3 gun offers up to a 6x scope and has a continuous firepower. It uses the 7.62 ammo, and its magazine can hold up to 75 bullets with each reload. Players are also provided with healing consumables that can be used from the trajectory slot.

Alongside the MG3 gun and healing consumables, the Battlegrounds Mobile India update brings a new Mission Ignition mode — part of the Erangel map — that has six new locations. The mode also includes automatic Hyperlines to transport players from one part to another.

Krafton has revamped the settings, giving players the ability change gyroscope sensitivity and a dedicated 90fps option for newer devices. Gamers on low-end devices can also choose a new graphic option lower than smooth. Battlegrounds Mobile India now also lets you customise the sensitivity of your guns from the improved settings. Further, you can tune third person perspective (TPP) camera angles.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India update also brings Sand Bottle Exchanges to the Events section as a free event. Players can complete challenges to earn Sand Bottle and swipe them for prizes. Additionally, there are more new events, including Damage Missions, Movement Missions, and some new Mission Ignition Events.

For people wanting to use Royale passes, there is a new Royale Pass Month system called RPM1. Krafton said that each Royale Pass Month lasts for 30 days and is priced at 360UC, with the highest rank achievable limited to 50. The company has also included a Challenge Point System to reward players for positive behaviour such as not quitting or not using friendly fire. This particular change is said to have been added after taking initial feedback from players.

Krafton has also partnered with Tesla and Battlegrounds Mobile India will now showcase the electric car maker’s Gigafactory in four fixed locations across the Erangel map. Players can enter any of the featured Gigafactory and watch the production of a Tesla Model Y from start to finish. They will also get a chance to drive away in the new car and experience its autopilot feature. Further, self-driving Tesla Semi trucks will be available on rural roads and automatically run along specific routes. Players can deal damage to the trucks to force their supply boxes to drop and obtain combat supplies.

In addition to the Tesla partnership, Krafton has brought Clan Clash to Battlegrounds Mobile India where clans can fight against each other in a fortnightly battle and get Clan Points.

You can experience all the latest changes and new additions by downloading the Battlegrounds Mobile India update from the Google Play store.

The update comes just days after Battlegrounds Mobile India surpassed the mark of 34 million registered users. The game is also claimed to have 16 million daily active users and 2.4 million peak concurrent users.


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Latest News Today – Battlegrounds Mobile India Crossed 34 Million Players in


Battlegrounds Mobile India has crossed 34 million players one week after its official launch on July 2. Developed by South Korean company Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian avatar of PUBG Mobile which was banned in the country last September. The new game was announced in May and released for the public earlier this month. Since then, it has seen a peak of 16 million active users and Krafton has thanked players in India for making this possible.

In September last year, PUBG Mobile was banned in the country and the news came as major disappointment for the millions of players. Then in May this year, Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced and fans were eagerly waiting for its release. The game kicked off its beta on June 17 soon after which it went into early access for all players. Now, after its official release on July 2, Krafton has shared through a press release that the game crossed 34 million players in its first week. The developer also shared that since launch, the game has seen 16 million daily active users at its peak.

Battlegrounds Mobile India also garnered 2.4 million peak concurrent players since launch. It is also the number one free game on Google Play, where it is exclusively available for now. Krafton organised a launch party on July 8 which saw around 500,000 concurrent viewers on the first day.

“We would like to thank our users in India for their support. We are committed to bringing new and more entertaining contents to Battlegrounds Mobile India to bring greater joy to our fans and players. With Battlegrounds Mobile India as a start, Krafton hopes to grow and further develop together with India’s video gaming and esports industry,” said Wooyol Lim, Head of Battlegrounds Mobile Division at Krafton.

To further expand the Battlegrounds IP, Krafton plans on organising e-sports tournaments in India, details for which are currently unclear. The developer has already invested over $30 million (roughly Rs. 223 crores) in the Indian e-sports industry.

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Vineet Washington writes about gaming, smartphones, audio devices, and new technologies for Gadgets 360, out of Delhi. Vineet is a Senior Sub-editor for Gadgets 360, and has frequently written about gaming on all platforms and new developments in the world of smartphones. In his free time, Vineet likes to play video games, make clay models, play the guitar, watch sketch-comedy, and anime. Vineet is available on [email protected], so please send in your leads and tips.

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Latest News Today – Battlegrounds Mobile India Announces Ranking, Royal Pass


Battlegrounds Mobile India was released for players on the Android platform earlier this month. The PUBG Mobile India variant is yet to launch on iOS platforms, but ahead of that, game maker Krafton has announced that BGMI players can gear up for a new season. Calling it Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20, the developer has detailed all the new things and changes coming with the new season. The new season brings changes to the ranking system, royal pass rollout, new abbreviations, and more.

Krafton on its official site confirmed that Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 19 will end on July 14. With BGMI Season 20, changes to the ranking of Royal Pass will be made. More specifically, ranking will be applied in the form of cycles moving forward and three seasons will be combined as a single cycle. To apply the changes in ranking season system, BGMI has already conducted a patch. Krafton says additional rewards can be obtained by consecutively achieving a specific tier within a cycle. When a cycle with three seasons combined ends, cycle 2 begins. Each season in the first cycle will be numbered as C1S1, C1S2, and C1S3. Then in cycle 2, each season will be marked as C2S1, C2S2, C2S3 and so on.

Starting with Royal Pass Season 20, Krafton announces that the season will run on a monthly basis. Therefore, instead of spending on one Royal Pass for two months, Battlegrounds Mobile India will release a different Royal Pass every month. BGMI new season cycle will begin on July 14 at 7:30am IST. Abbreviations for Royal Pass season have also been tweaked. Moving forward, Season 20 will be named as M1, Season 21 will be names as M2, and so on.

BGMI has cautioned players that Royal Pass is a seasonal item that can only be used until the end of the corresponding season. It cannot be used after the season ends and needs to be re-purchased when a new season opens. When Royal Pass Season 19 ends, both the Royal Pass level and RP will be reset. BGMI players must claim all the Royal Pass Season 19 rewards before the end of the season, by July 14 before 05:29:59am. Krafton also notes that RP claimed with a purchase of a crate from end of Royal Pass Season 19 to before the opening of Season M1 will not be applied. This is applicable only to purchases after the opening of season M1.


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Latest News Today – Battlegrounds Mobile India Developer Krafton Details


Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton has shared an update on its plans for an esports ecosystem in India. In November, Krafton said it plans on making $100 million (approximately Rs. 746 crores) investments in India to improve the local video game, e-sports, and other industries. Today it confirmed that it has invested $22.5 million (approximately Rs. 167 crores) in NODWIN Gaming, and a further $9 million (approximately Rs. 67.13 crores) in Loco. The developer said it continues to look for promising firms that will help in building a healthy gaming environment.

After PUBG Mobile’s ban in India back in September, operations for the game in the country were taken over by South Korean developer Krafton. After several attempts to bring the game back, the developer announced in November that PUBG Mobile India will be launched in the country to cater specifically to Indian players.

At the time, it had also announced that it plans on making $100 million (approximately Rs. 746 crores) investments in India to “cultivate the local video game, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries.” Now, Krafton has announced through a press release that it is working towards this goal and has already made a couple of investments to achieve its goal. When Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced early in May, Krafton had said the game will debut with its own esports ecosystem that will include tournaments and leagues. With its current investments, it seems to be working steadily towards its goal. Speaking of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the game officially launched today, July 2, for Android users in India. As of now, there is no information on an iOS release.

With the game back in India it appears that the company is continuing to invest in building up the ecosystem, but whether that will be enough to bring the game back to its former heights of popularity before the ban isn’t certain, as competition, both global and homegrown, sprang up in PUBG’s absence that lasted for around nine months.


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Latest News Today – Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta Released for Download


Battlegrounds Mobile India, the PUBG Mobile replacement, is finally available to play, sort of. The game was available in open beta but only to a limited number of testers. More slots will be added over the course of the day, the company said in a press statement. Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced in the first week of May and went up for pre-registrations on May 18. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting to play the game.

Krafton, through its official Battlegrounds Mobile India Facebook page shared that the game in is Early Access or open beta and that fans can download and play. However, it looks like the beta was only available for a short time to a limited number of beta testers and the beta programme is full on Google Play. The beta testing link either shows an ‘Internal server error’ or a message that says the testing programme has reached the maximum number of testers.

Update: On Friday, Krafton announced in a post on the Battlegrounds Mobile India Facebook page that the Early Access build is now available to everyone, with company seeming to have made more slots available in the beta programme. You can access it from the beta testing link seen above. Those who get on board during this Early Access period will get the following in-game items: 1x Supply Crate Coupon, 2x EXP Card, and a 2x BP Card.


One of the users got Early Access to Battlegrounds Mobile India today and the screenshot shared on Twitter shows the game will be 721MB in size. Along with users who were able to get access, there are quite a few who weren’t able to and have shared their disappointment on Twitter.

Ershad Kaleebullah from MySmartPrice shared some gameplay footage from Battlegrounds Mobile India along with some observations. The in-game blood is green instead of red, there are quite a few warnings about safe gaming, data can be carried over from PUBG Mobile, and an OTP is not required to log in. Even the map and settings options seem to be the same as PUBG Mobile.

This open beta comes one day ahead of the expected launch date of June 18 which makes it seem like the game will not launch tomorrow. Past leaks had suggested that Krafton will release the game to the public on June 18 but there has been no confirmation from the developer.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile that was banned in the country last September. It comes with some tweaks, which have now been made somewhat clearer. The game is essentially PUBG Mobile as the battle royale experience is the same.


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Latest News Today – PUBG India Avatar Battlegrounds Mobile Should Be Banned,


PUBG Mobile India’s new avatar Battlegrounds Mobile India is aimed at deceiving the government and citizens and should be banned in the country, Arunachal Pradesh Member of Legislative Assembly Ninong Ering demanded in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. He alleged that by launching the new game, its developer Krafton was sidestepping Indian laws. The launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is yet to be confirmed, though the South Korean company recently started taking pre-registrations for the game through Google Play store. The game is a redux of PUBG Mobile India that the government banned last year, among other games and apps, over data privacy concerns for their linkage with China.

“This is a mere illusion and a trick to relaunch the same game with minor modifications and collect user data of millions of our citizens, including our children and transfer it to foreign companies and the Chinese government,” Ering, who represents the Pasighat West Assembly constituency in the Northeastern Indian state, said in the letter. He also posted a copy of his three-page letter on Twitter, which was initially reported by IGN India.

Following the PUBG Mobile ban by the government in September last year, Krafton took away the publishing and distribution rights from China’s Tencent Games for the game in India, though the company is still the publisher and distributor for the game in other countries. Ering, however, said that almost all of Krafton’s Indian employees, including its senior management team, were former Tencent employees “who were miraculously all hired” by Krafton in December and are working on Battlegrounds Mobile India.

He mentioned that the URL of the game’s listing on Google Play store also recently hinted that it was a relaunch of PUBG Mobile India. The MLA also alleged that Nodwin Gaming, the company that recently received an investment from Krafton, had extensive ongoing ties with Tencent. Citing news reports, he also said that Nodwin offered its services in Pakistan and had a local team there.

“Krafton has very close ties with Tencent and is now also an investor in Nodwin which works very closely with Tencent,” he stated.

The MLA stated that the points defined by him bring a definite conclusion that Battlegrounds Mobile India “is simply a relaunch of PUBG Mobile”.

“The gameplay features and other aspects will be the same,” he said. “Krafton has also added maps from PUBG in the relaunched game and the weapons will also be the same with just new names.”

Erring believes that the renamed game is Tencent’s “indirect way of entering India” and capturing data of Indian citizens. He said that the privacy policy of the game stated that while its data would be stored locally in India and Singapore, it would be transferred to other countries and regions to operate the game service and meet legal requirements.

“The launch announcement is also timed with the launch of Krafton’s IPO, from which Tencent will directly benefit,” he said.

Ering also indicated that if PUBG Mobile was allowed to relaunch, it would lead others including TikTok and WeChat to re-enter the country. He added that the launch could bring the risks of “addiction, harm, and deaths” that were all seen with the battle royale game previously.

Gadgets 360 has reached out to Krafton and Nodwin Gaming for their comment on the matter and will update this space when they respond.

It’s Google I/O time this week on Orbital, the Gadgets 360 podcast, as we discuss Android 12, Wear OS, and more. Later (starting at 27:29), we jump over to Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder’s Netflix zombie heist movie. Orbital is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and wherever you get your podcasts.


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WhatsApp Gained Most Monthly Active Users in India in | Sidnaz Blog


WhatsApp emerged as the top app of 2020 in India with most monthly active users, according to mobile analytics firm App Annie. This might change in 2021 as users are moving away from WhatsApp because of privacy concerns, but in a locked down 2020, WhatsApp took centre stage. The instant messaging app also outpaced leading social apps including Facebook and Instagram in terms of getting users’ attention, with 21.3 hours spent by users per month on an average.

However, Telegram, which strongly competes against WhatsApp, led the chart of top breakout social apps in the country. Telegram has now crossed 500 million monthly users, adding 25 million new users in just three days after the WhatsApp controversy started.

Other apps including YouTube and MX Player also saw an increase in time spent in the country as people stayed indoors for months due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The details available in the State of Mobile 2021 report by App Annie showed that the average monthly time spent per user on WhatsApp in India increased 23.87 percent in 2020 to 21.3 hours from 17.2 hours. Facebook’s native app also saw an uptick and it gained 17.1 hours of average monthly time spent per month in the country. Similarly, time spent on Truecaller in the country increased to 4.6 hours from 3.1 hours.

TikTok, which was banned by the government in late June, also saw an increase in average time spent in the country. According to App Annie, the short-video app saw 29.27 percent increase in average time spent of 10.6 hours in the country in 2020 despite the nationwide ban.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Truecaller, Facebook Messenger, and Amazon were the top five apps in the country with most monthly active users, the firm noted.

apps monthly active users india app annie Apps  WhatsApp  App Annie

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Truecaller were the top three apps in India in 2020 with most monthly active users
Photo Credit: App Annie


The list of leading social media apps in terms of monthly active users featured Telegram on top, followed by WhatsApp, Instagram, MX TakaTak, and Moj.

However, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snack Video, Instagram, and TikTok became the top downloaded apps in the country, according to the report. Ludo King, Carrom Pool, Hunter Assassin, Free Fire, and Bubble Shooter by Ilyon, on the other hand, came as the top five downloaded games among Indian users.

Developed by Indian publisher Gametion, Ludo King, also emerged as the top game in the country, followed by PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Candy Crush Saga, and Carrom Pool. Titles such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Ludo King, and Call of Duty: Mobile received most of the time spent of Indian users in 2020.

As the government imposed lockdown, a large number of mobile phone users started switching to video streaming apps. This trend has been seen in App Annie’s report quite well as the average monthly time spent on YouTube in the country hit 26.4 hours per month. This was up from 21.4 hours in 2019. Apps including MX Player, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video also saw an increase in time spent in the country.

MX Player emerged as the leading video streaming app in the part of time spent, followed by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Airtel TV, and WeTV.

App Annie also noticed growth in mobile commerce apps in 2020. Particularly, in India, Flipkart received the most average time spent on mobile commerce apps, followed by Amazon, Olx, BigBasket, and Ajio. One of the reasons could be the lockdown that pushed several Indians towards online grocery shopping.

The lockdown forced due to the pandemic also resulted in the success of online education apps, with Google Classroom emerged as the most downloaded education app in the country. Vedantu, Tips for File Transfer 2020, Doubtnut, and DIKSHA were the following top downloaded education apps in the Indian market.

We weren’t just using apps for longer — spending on apps also increased in 2020, with Tinder, Disney+ Hotstar, Google One, Truecaller, and Netflix emerged as the leading apps attracting money from their users in India. Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Coin Master, Teen Patti, and Clash of Clans, on the other hand, came as the top consumer spend games in the country.

The report also highlighted that over 24.27 billion mobile apps were downloaded from app stores including Apple’s App Store and Google Play in the country in 2020. This translates to 11.13 percent of the 218 billion app downloads reported globally.

Overall consumer spend on apps in the country hit $500 million (roughly Rs. 3,652 crores). Indian smartphone users also spent over 650.66 billion hours on apps in the year.

What will be the most exciting tech launch of 2021? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below.


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Mobile App Downloads Hit 218 Billion, Consumer Spend | Sidnaz Blog


Market of mobile apps continued to grow in 2020 despite the coronavirus outbreak, with new app downloads growing seven percent year-over-year to 218 billion, according to a report. Consumer spending on app stores also resulted in a growth of 20 percent year-over-year. The expansion of app downloads and usage of smartphones has pushed mobile ad spend significantly. This has indeed helped app developers grow their earnings at a time when many professionals worldwide lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Consumers spending on app stores comprising Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and third-party app stores hit $143 billion (roughly Rs. 10,45,988 crores) in 2020, mobile analytics firm App Annie said in its annual State of Mobile industry report. The spending was led by China, followed by the US and Japan.

app annie mobile report 2021 image App downloads  App Annie

App stores spend grew 20 percent year-over-year to $143 billion (roughly Rs. 10,45,988 crores) in 2020
Photo Credit: App Annie


Time spent on mobile devices also grew significantly in 2020 — owing to the COVID-19 pandemic that locked most of the world’s population at their homes. App Annie’s report mentioned that particularly in the US, time spent on mobile was eight percent more than the time spent on watching live TV. Consumers globally spent as much as 3.5 trillion hours particularly on Android phones, the firm noted.

In India, the average hours spent on mobile per day grew to 4.6 hours from 3.3 hours in 2019. Similar trends was observed in markets including China, Japan, South Korea, and the UK, among others.

The increased time spent on mobile devices wasn’t limited to a certain demographic. App Annie underlined that in the US particularly, Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X/ Baby Boomers spent 16 percent, 18 percent, and 30 percent more time year-over-year, respectively. However, there were some differences on which apps certain demographics spent their most time.

Snapchat, Twitch, TikTok, ROBLOX, and Spotify were the most likely apps to use among Gen Z users, while Millennials preferred Discord, LinkedIn, PayPal, Pandora Music, and Amazon Music. Gen X/ Baby Boomers, on the other hand, spent their most time on Ring, Nextdoor, The Weather Channel, Kindle, and ColorNote Notepad Notes, according to the firm.

Among other apps, TikTok outcast the top social apps with up to 325 percent year-over-year growth in hours per user. That growth came irrespective of the ban in India and government criticism in markets including the US. App Annie projects that TikTok is on track to reach 1.2 billion active users in 2021.

WhatsApp, however, led the race in markets including India. Average time spent on the instant messaging app in the country grew to 21.3 hours per month from 17.2 hours in 2019.

The growth in time spent and app store downloads also helped developers earn more in 2020. App Annie mentioned in the report that 25 percent more app developers earned over $2 million (roughly Rs. 14.62 crores) per annum through app stores. Apple also recently announced its programme to cut its commission rate from 30 percent to 15 percent. That move would help 97 percent of developers who monetise through the App Store.

Mobile app market also attracted investors. Global funding to mobile technology companies from 2016 to 2020 more than doubled compared to the previous five years, App Annie reported. Investment capital poured into mobile companies also grew 27 percent year-over-year to $73 billion (roughly Rs. 5,33,939 crores) particularly in 2020.

In terms of mobile gaming, casual games dominated the market with 78 percent of total game downloads. Among Us, ROBLOX, and My Talking Tom Friends were amongst the most downloaded games. Mobile gaming market is also believed to be on track to cross the mark of $120 billion (roughly Rs. 8,77,728 crores) in consumer spend in 2021.

Alongside mobile games, finance apps saw a growth of 45 percent year-over-year worldwide outside of China in 2020. The case was, however, different in China. It was due to the new legislation in the peer-to-peer lending space, App Annie noted.

As people were mostly staying indoors in 2020, the annual report shows that 40 percent more hours streamed on mobile. YouTube saw up to six times increase in time spent per user when compared with the next closest app. It also ruled the market in average time spent per user per month, according to the report.

Business apps including Zoom and Google Meet also saw an uptick of 275 percent in the fourth quarter as people largely started working from home and embraced the concept of remote learning.

Facebook dominated the list of top apps with most monthly active users worldwide, with its native app securing the first position followed by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. However, TikTok emerged as the most downloaded app in 2020, followed by Facebook, WhatsApp, and Zoom.

On the gaming front, PUBG Mobile led the market in terms of having the most monthly active users. Candy Crush Saga, Ludo King, and Among Us came second, third, and fourth. However, Free Fire topped the most downloads chart, followed by Among Us, Subway Surfers, and PUBG Mobile.

Tinder emerged as the leading app with most consumer spend in the year, while in terms of mobile games, Honour of Kings beat the competition.

What will be the most exciting tech launch of 2021? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below.


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FAU-G Game Releasing on January 26, Akshay Kumar | Sidnaz Blog


FAU-G will be released in India on Republic Day, January 26. The game, which was announced soon after the ban on PUBG Mobile, has been up for pre-registration on Google Play since last month. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, tweeted the launch date, along with a new trailer for the game. FAU-G was marketed as an Indian alternative to PUBG Mobile and was originally supposed to release in October. Now, finally, there is a release date associated with the game months after PUBG Mobile was banned in the country, along with many other Chinese apps.



Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar tweeted that FAU-G (Fearless and United Guard) will be released on January 26. The game has been available for pre-registration only on Google Play since the start of December, and there is no information on if and when pre-registration will be available on the Apple App Store. The tweet also includes a trailer for the game that doesn’t really showcase what the gameplay would be like. It ends with “Proudly Supporting Bharat Ke Veer #AatmanirbharBharat.”

nCore Games, Bengaluru based developer of FAU-G announced on Twitter last week that the pre-registrations in India crossed 1 million in less than 24 hours.

As per the description on Google Play, the game has been based on real-world scenarios and “brings to life the thrill and adrenaline of a life spent guarding India’s borders.” The first trailer released in October, also by Akshay Kumar, showed the theme of the game and the company’s co-founder Vishal Gondal said that the first level is based on Galwan Valley.

nCore Games originally planned on releasing the game in October but that did not happen. The company then tweeted that FAU-G will be released in November without providing an exact date. It came in response to the ban of 118 Chinese apps in India back in September which included the highly popular PUBG Mobile. Gondal, at the time, said that the game was in development for some months. It plans to reach the 20 crore-users mark within a year.

nCore Games has also promised to donate 20 percent of the revenues garnered from FAU-G to the government’s Bharat Ke Veer initiative.

Is Mi QLED TV 4K the best affordable smart TV for enthusiasts? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below.



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