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Aukey USB-C Wireless Power Bank | $36 | Amazon | Use Code M2HFBAC9

Once you get used to having a wireless charging stand on your desk, it’s hard to miss when you go without it. Sure, it may not add a ton of new functionality, but it’s a nice way to quickly glance at your notifications, keep your phone propped up during video calls, or maybe keep a video playing in the background as you churn through your work day—all without having to plug in a cable. Usually these stands sit on a desk since they need to be plugged into something, but this 20000mAh portable charger from Aukey has wireless charging and a stand built right in. It’s no bigger than most smartphones, and can wirelessly charge your phone multiple times depending on the size of your phone’s battery. It also has a kickstand and slot for your phone, so you can keep your phone upright while it’s charging. Typically, it sells for about $45, but today you can get it for $36 using an on-page coupon, plus the code M2HFBAC9 at checkout.

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