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HYDERABAD: A retired sub-inspector was killed after he lost control and drove straight into a huge well abutting the road at Chinna Mulkanoor village in Karimnagar district on Thursday.
Alerted by locals, cops and fire officials swung into action with no clear information on number people stuck in the car. It took 8 hours of rescue operation to finally bring out the submerged car with only the former SI’s body trapped inside.
District police said that the car driven by ex-SI Pappaiah Naik was speeding on the stretch between Kothapalli and Husnabad when it veered off the road and fell into the huge open well.
A video captured by locals showed the car slowly sinking. By the time police reached the spot and some locals jumped into the water, the car was invisible.
Later, officials of fire and revenue department came in and a crane was also brought to the spot. By then a huge crowd had gathered around the well.
Swimmers finally found the car but by then officials feared people inside would have long been dead.
Rescuers tied the car with a rope and pulled it out with great difficulty after more than 8 hours with the lone body inside. Till the car was brought out no one knew exactly how many were stuck in it.
A few passersby had earlier claimed to cops that there were three people in the car.


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