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HYDERABAD: Telangana may boast of being among the top five states in terms of innovation but fares poorly when it comes to government schools with ICT labs in the India Innovation Index report, 2020 released last month.
The number of schools having ICT labs is one of the key parameters for rankings in the India Innovation Index report which was released by the NITI Aayog. Under the human resource development section, ICT labs in government schools is a metric to rank states.
As per the India Innovation Index report, Telangana was ranked fourth among major states on the innovation metric. However, compared to 10 states with similar gross domestic product, Telangana was an under performing state with only 14.05% government schools equipped with ICT labs. The percentage of schools with ICT labs in few major states such as Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan stands above 40%.
Apathy of state government in providing funds and maintaining computer labs in government schools has been attributed to as the reason for the low score in this metric.
“Under a five year central government scheme, ICT labs were set up in several government schools between 2008 and 2011 in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. Thereafter, ICT labs in many schools were either abandoned or were not maintained due to lack of funding from the state government,” said Chava Ravi, general secretary, Telangana State United Teachers Federation, attributing absence of a formal curriculum for computers as a subject to the apathy.
“The focus of many NGOs and corporate firms is always on the rural areas. I approached the Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association and told them that even in the urban areas like Hyderabad, we don’t have an ICT lab. Following this, they helped us set up one two years back,” said R Sharada, headmistress of Government Girls High School, Majeedia, Masab Tank.
Multiple attempts to reach out to A Devasena, commissioner of school education, seeking comment on the matter went unanswered.


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