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Prakruti Prakash took care of the tree by watering its roots everyday.

HYDERABAD: A 70-year-old banyan tree which got uprooted due to heavy rains in Rajanna Sircilla district three months ago may get a new lease of life.
A tree lover, Prakruti Prakash, took care of the tree by watering its roots everyday and has now seen the fruit of his labour.
The tree has shown signs of life and he is planning on transplanting it.
Prakash intends to transplant the tree at a school. Since the process may cost around Rs 50,000, he is also looking at like-minded people to chip in to see that the tree regains its lost glory and students will be able to play or study under its shade.
The tree had got uprooted on the outskirts of Suddala village in Konaraopet mandal in the agriculture fields belonging to Burra Bhoomaih Goud and Burra Ramesh Goud.
Prakash noticed that the tree was drying up and got into the act.
“The tree looked majestic when it was standing but now it was fallen,” Prakash said.
He took permission from another farmer to draw water from a bore in his agricultural field and began to water the fallen tree.
With the tree coming to see and new leaves seen on it, Prakash’s heart revived.



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