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HYDERABAD: Over 50 lakh people consume alcohol in Telangana, while men in the state drink more than their counterparts in the country, according to two different surveys.
Nineteen per cent of the state’s population consume liquor (50.40 lakh to be precise) , according to a survey on alcohol consumption available with the Union ministry of social justice and empowerment. However, the number of tipplers in the state is more that the national average, 17.3%.

In neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, over 65 lakh (65,09,000) people, 17.3% of the total population, consume alcohol. No wonder the liquor sales graph never sees a downward trend in the two Telugu states.
The survey revealed that 17.3% of the country’s population consume alcohol. In other words, there were about 15.5 crore tipplers in the country. Only a handful of big states have logged more than the country’s average.
Apart from AP and Telangana, Chhattisgarh (43.5%), Uttar Pradesh (29.5%), Punjab (25.2%), Delhi (25%) Uttarakhand (23.2%) , Goa (28%), Madhya Pradesh (21.4%), Odisha (18.9%), West Bengal (18.2%) recorded above the country’s liquor consumption average. Among the big states, Bihar had the lowest alcohol consumption rates with only 1% population consuming alcohol.
Other than the two Telugu states, remaining southern states have less number of liquor consumers. Tamil Nadu’s 15.5% population drinks, while Kerala (13.5%) and Karnataka (7. 2%) were less than the national average. The survey had taken people in the age group of 18-75 years into consideration.
Interestingly, the latest National Family Health Survey–5 shows that men in Telangana drink more alcohol than their counterparts in any other state in the country. About 43.3% men in Telangana above 15 years drink alcohol, while the northeastern state of Sikkim stood at second place with 41.1%.


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