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HYDERABAD: It is going to be a new challenge to the police searching for the missing Indian Army jawan with the turn of the month.
With his monthly salary expected to be deposited in his account, police are now literally keeping their fingers crossed on what his move would be.
B Sai Kiran Reddy of Siddipet district went missing on December 6.
He withdrew all his money and also the small amounts that his family has been depositing just so that he does not find it difficult to survive. But now with his salary expected to be credited into his account from the Army, the jawan will have access to more money. What has become unpredictable is what he will do with that.
Will he continue to be in Telangana as he has been over the last 20 days, as he has been in hiding? Or make a large withdrawal to travel somewhere else? It could also be possible that he could make use of the money to pay for his stay wherever he will. Police are keeping their fingers crossed on his next move.
“We are sparing no effort to trace him. We have been tracking every movement and we are getting to know where he is withdrawing money. But he has been elusive as it appears he has deliberately been trying to hide. He has neither reported for work at Faridkot at his unit nor contacted his family or friends,” Husnabad ACP Satish told TOI.
The 21-year-old jawan Sai Kiran Reddy of Pothireddypalli in Cheriyal of Siddipet left Hyderabad by flight to Delhi on December 5.
The following day he was supposed to report at his unit in Faridkot but got down the train at Bathinda and took a cab back to Delhi. He then surfaced in Telangana.
Police have found that he withdrew money in Karimnagar, Narsampet in Warangal.
The last trace was in Bhadrachalam where he withdrew even small amounts which the family had deposited for his sustenance at the suggestion of the police.


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