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HYDERABAD: Authorities in Banswada town of Kamareddy district faced a piquant situation when a runaway Covid-19 patient refused to get into an ambulance until they accede to his demand. The 55-year-old man wanted toddy.
Only after satiating his craving, did he sit in the ambulance before the health staff took him to the quarantine centre.
Even cops were wary to go near him as he was infected with the virus.
The man from Timmanagar village in Pitlam mandal, who tested positive for Covid-19, was being treated at the Banswada government area hospital. Much to the surprise of the hospital staff, they found him missing from his bed.
They looked out for him but after realised that he left the hospital without informing anyone. That was on May 26.
A team was deployed to trace him even as cops and municipal staff searched for him across Banswada.
Twenty-four hours later, the search was still on. Finally, the search teams found a man near a water tanker at Sangameshwar colony.
When they accosted him, he admitted that he had run away from the area hospital.
When they asked him to get into the ambulance, he flatly refused. “I do not mind dying of Covid-19 but cannot live without having toddy. I do not get toddy at the hospital and I will not come there,” he told the staff much to the shock of cops and municipal staff.
The search team had very little choice. They got him some toddy. Satisfied after consuming it, the man sat in the ambulance.
He was back in the quarantine centre on Thursday evening.


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