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HYDERABAD: Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) has set a target of producing 700 lakh tonnes of coal production and its transportation in the 2021-22 financial year.
The SCCL chairman and managing director N Sridhar gave instructions to general managers to ensure that at least 2 lakh tonnes of coal is produced per day in March and April 2021. They were told to follow all quality and safety standards and norms.
At a review meeting with the general managers and directors held through a video conference from Singareni Bhavan in Hyderabad, the SCCL chairman and managing director said it would be difficult to sell the coal if quality is not maintained in the present competitive market.
“There should be no compromise on safety but ensure there are no constraints on the costs. Measures should be taken from now itself to face the challenges that would arise due to the ensuing rainy season. All areas are to be ready to achieve a record 700 lakh tonnes of production in the coming financial year and also cover the losses incurred by the company due to Covid-19 pandemic,” Sridhar said.
Stating that the demand for Singareni coal is increasing as Industries are recovering gradually after the pandemic, he said none of the coal mines are to be closed in the ensuing fiscal. Also, the target is to gradually increase the coal production from the new mines. “The conditions are favourable for at least 700 lakh tonnes of coal production and its transportation. All areas are to be ready to achieve targets from this April itself,” Sridhar said.
He requested all the GMs to come forward with unique proposals to achieve targets and solve problems.

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