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HYDERABAD: A 19-year-old student’s alleged claim of kidnap and gang-rape at Ghatkesar turned out to be a concocted story to stay away from her family.
In a rare gesture, Rachakonda police commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat on Saturday apologised to all suspects, who were questioned for three days, as they had to face the ordeal and humiliation. Rachakonda police, who had registered a gang-rape case based on the statement of the 19-year-old undergraduate in Ghatkesar, have found during investigation that “it is a false complaint made by the teenager”.

Police said they were yet to take a decision on filing any case against the teenager for giving a false complaint and sending over a hundred police personnel on a wild goose chase. Addressing a press conference on Saturday, Rachakonda police chief Mahesh Bhagwat said the girl allegedly created the abduction-cum-gang-rape drama as she wanted to stay away from her family.
On February 10 late in the evening, the girl called her mother claiming she was abducted by an auto driver. After police were informed about the abduction by her family, the girl was found with a leg injury and torn clothes. During the investigation, it was found she had suffered injury after she fell down accidentally while running after police vans with blaring sirens came in search of her. She herself tore her dress to project that she was sexually abused.
After she was shifted to a private hospital, the teenager gave a preliminary statement, but police found several inconsistencies in her replies.
Assuming that the inconsistent replies could be due to the trauma, police shifted their focus on nabbing the accused. “When police interacted with her and showed some photographs, she identified an auto driver as one of the suspects. Believing her version, we nabbed him. However, when we verified the facts, the suspect was not at the said locations on Wednesday as claimed by the girl. Actually, he was in a movie theatre and later went to consume liquor with his friend. The same was corroborated by CCTV footage,’’ the CP said.
Similarly, when police verified 100 CCTVs from Rampally Crossroads to Annojiguda service road, where she was traced by police, she was actually found at different locations either boarding or disembarking an auto rickshaw, taking a long walk for nearly four kilometres.
“Nowhere, we found anyone abducting her. It became clear that she was lying. On Friday night, we questioned her again by showing the different footage, it was then that she confessed that she cooked up the kidnap and rape story,’’ police said.
When investigators questioned why she tried to fix an innocent auto driver, the teenager said that in the past he had yelled at her after a dispute over auto fare. Rachakonda police said they have to close the existing case and inform the court.


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