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HYDERABAD: A steady increase in count of people seen without masks in the city, has health experts worried. There are also complaints of people developing rashes on their ears for wearing the mask incorrectly.
“We are still seeing patients wearing the mask at the neck or chin level. Worse, patients’ attendants are turning up without a mask while accompanying Covid-19 patients,” said Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences and Reseach superintendent, Dr Ehsan Ahmed Khan.
State health authorities admit that compliance to mask protocol has dropped from close to 100% to 60% now. “Even among the remaining lot, many have been wearing it incorrectly so that brings down the numbers even further,” said Telangana director of public health Dr G Srinivasa Rao.The confidence, post-vaccination, is also turning into a hurdle while convincing people to adhere to the norm, said a resident doctor at Gandhi Hospital. “We have been handing out masks whenever we see an attendant walk in without one…. Still, they are reluctant to wear it, especially if they are vaccinated,” he added.


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