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Wednesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

It’s January 13, and we at Kinja Deals are here to bring you the top 10 deals of the day. Cut down your environmental waste with 100 compostable doggie poop bags. Take a break from doom scrolling with CBD bath bombs. And perfect your 2021 vision with a purchase from GlassesUSA’s basic prescription lens frames.

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Now that we’re at home all the time, slowly losing our minds, it’s crucial, now than ever, that we start taking our vision seriously. I mean, without the right pair of glasses, how are you going to finally binge-watch the entirety of The Sopranos over the next few weeks—without overworking your retinas? How are you going to comfortably see every bright, raytraced pixel on your new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

You’re going to need a fresh pair of prescription frames for 65% off, and we’re going to give that to you, courtesy of GlassesUSA. Right now. Take a moment. Find your next pair of glasses, look at the price, and slash that by two thirds. Now check out and enter the promo code KINJA65, and add blue light blocking lenses while you’re at it, for 50% less with the code BLUE50. Whether you’re staring at Good Screen or Bad Screen, your eyes will thank you for the added layer of protection. You don’t necessarily even need a prescription.

To further sweeten the deal, GlassesUSA is giving Kinja Deals readers a 20% discount on designer brands including Gucci, Prada, Armani, and more. Just drop the promo code PREMIUM20 in at checkout and watch the numbers shrink. No matter your standards, you’re bound to find a new pair of eyes that suit you well. If not, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee on ALL GlassesUSA orders. Before you check out with a fresh pair of frames, however, I do recommend uploading a photo of yourself and trying them on your virtual face—a real thing you can on this website.

*Premium- and Sale-tagged frames excluded.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey. 

Since it could be months before things go back to “normal”—whatever that means—chances are you’re in the mood for some much-needed escapism. And while movie theaters are largely closed or unsafe to attend due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an ultra-short-throw projector can play your movies on the big screen without occupying too much space on your console. Instead of emitting light outward, these handy entertainment devices fire upward onto the wall or, better yet, a screen, to transform your home into a cinematic experience of its own. This model from Vava in particular boasts HDR10, a built-in Harman Kardon soundbar, and Android TV smart software, and is currently on sale for $2,380—$420 off the list price—using the promo code 15KINJA1320.

Whether you’re watching Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (very nice) with my wiiiiife (wait, what?), I’m Thinking of Ending Things, or one of the other two movies that came out this year I’m not remembering, your picture will be clear and your sound crisp out of the box. And as long as technology doesn’t advance to the point of this projector’s obsolescence before then, Vava says its 2,500-ANSI lumen light source can last up to 17 years, or 25,000 hours of use. Despite all that, if you’re worried a discount this steep is reflective of its quality, worry not: I took the Vava 4K projector for a spin at CES earlier last year and was blown away that such stunning picture quality could come from a device this compact, without placing it halfway across the room.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey. 

So. The first couple of weeks of 2021 have been chaotic none the less. Between the storming of the Capitol (which hasn’t been seized since 1812!) and everything else, we all collectively need to take a chill pill. That’s where Sunday Scaries CBD bath bombs come in. For only $11, or $9 if you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can get three bath bombs (orange, lavender, and lemon) with a couple of Mgs of isolated CBD to calm your body after a long day of doomscrolling and WFH. Nothing else to say. Let’s not stress ourselves out too much in 2021, huh?

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher. 

We’re in the infancy stage of this brave new world of consoles right now, which means we’ve got a good 8 years of PlayStation 5 ahead of us. The early years are an especially exciting time for a new system as developers go all out, taking advantage of new hardware. With exciting games on the horizon, it’s a good time to pick up a PS Plus subscription so you can play online. For those who know they’ll be playing the system for a while, Eneba currently has a strong deal on the online service.

You can grab 2 full years of PS Plus for $58. To get it, add a 1-year membership to your cart. Then head to checkout, up the quantity to two, and enter the code PSPLUSJANUARY. It shakes out to just under $30 a year, so this is an excellent bit of saving for anyone with enough foresight to know they’ll still be playing Destiny 2 in 2023.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio.

Apple doesn’t ship a wall charger with the new iPhone 12 models, which it says is for the environment, but potentially leaves you with a $699+ phone that you can’t charge right out of the box. You’ll need a wall charger with a USB-C port to use the cable that’s in the iPhone 12’s box, or you could charge with an old iPhone brick and Lightning-to-USB cable, but it’ll be at lower speeds.

Here’s an affordable way to both fix that omission and ensure that you’re well covered. Right now, RAVPower is offering a two-pack of its 20W USB-C PD wall chargers for just $18 at Amazon when you clip the coupon and use promo code KJL88J7Z at checkout.

These little guys are about as small as the old, less-powerful Apple wall chargers, but still pump out enough power to charge your new phone at full speed. Apple’s own single 20W charger is $19, by the way. And you can use these to charge other devices, too, such as Android smartphones, AirPods, and the Nintendo Switch. They’re very handy to have around if you don’t already have a pile of power bricks around.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.

Listen, winter is most definitely HERE, and that means dry, cracked skin. Why not avoid that altogether by getting a container of Himalayan Scrub Salt for $25?! It’s 25% off its original list price and made with Himalayan salt. It’s also infused with collagen to help with skin production. They say you should use it on your face, but I actually wouldn’t recommend that since some salts can cause microtears on your skin which actually makes acne worse. So by slightly repurposing helps you and your skin in a different way. What are you waiting for?

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher. 

Everybody poops including your pups. Whether you have a house full of canines or even just one you need doggie doo bags. It shows you respect your neighbors and community when you curb your pooch. Right now grab all the bags you need for cheap. This bundle of 100 poop bags is just $12, that’s 12 cents a bag. The bags have sweet little pooches on them and non-scented. They are durable and leak-proof which is just as important. You get eight rolls and a reusable dispenser that you can attach easily to their leash. This is a great deal for something you know you will use, probably a lot quicker than you think. They are also 100% compostable.

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This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 

Sleep and naps are really fun when you’re cozy and comfy. But for some getting in the perfect position to catch all the zzz’s can be difficult. Copper Fit can help with their side/back sleeper pillow. It’s currently half off and ready to remedy all your slumber issues.

Get the help you need to ease into the most restful night’s sleep with this pillow. The plush memory foam gets your spine and neck in order while giving them proper pain-free support. This pillow is specifically designed to take the pressure off, literally. In doing this your body is less stressed, then your mind is less stressed. Place your arm in the cutout sides while sleeping on your side for the ultimate in peaceful snoozes. This pillow blocks odor and bacteria and the cover can be washed in a machine. It’s made of a polyurethane/polyester blend and this price is for the full/queen size.

Free shipping on orders over $39.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 

Whether you’re outdoors camping, or your power is out at home, a portable generator comes in handy for recreational activities and emergency situations alike. This one from Kinja Deals reader-favorite brand is solar-powered and boasts a 300 watt-hour battery capacity. Measuring 9.84″ x 7.28″ x 6.89″ and weighing 10.28 pounds, its size is comparable to an industry-grade rugged laptop—compact enough to take on a trip, even in the trunk of a small sedan, but don’t count on fitting it in your pocket. Still, considering its diminutive dimensions, the Portable Power Station packs a real punch, laying claim to powering a smartphone more than 27 times, a laptop (or refrigerator!) for 6 hours, a 45-watt CPAP for 9 hours, and a car vac for 2.5 consecutive hours.

The generator includes the required three Lithium-ion batteries needed to operate the device, and for a limited time only is discounted $85 using the promo code 8KLDXLTO. As the weather grows colder, you might want to jump on this deal before it spikes back up to its full $265 list price. You’ve got until Saturday to secure a backup plan for any upcoming outdoor expeditions or blizzard-induced power outages bound to arise in the coming months.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 

Nothing is classier or chicer than white sneakers. They just look so sharp and elevate any outfit. The only downside is that they are so hard to keep clean. But hey if you don’t spend too much on a good pair you can’t get too mad. Until the end of the month take 40% off these slick K-Swiss Court Casper Sneakers.

K-Swiss is definitely a brand that knows what they’re doing with style and comfort. Sophisticated yet casual. The Court Capsers are made for every day and blend with any ensemble. Made from smooth leather and a breathable lining your feet will be just as cozy as fancy. Their padded on the inside for a relaxed fit for all-day wear. These sneakers are lightweight to ensure a pleasant experience no matter what you do in them. And if you just happen to get them dirty just wipe them down.

These will ship for free.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

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