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HYDERABAD: The Congress has demanded that chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao led- TRS government immediately withdraw its decision to sell government and housing board lands to mop up revenues.
All these years the ruling TRS said vacant lands were not available to construct 2-BHK houses, an election promise of CM KCR. But now the government is preparing ground to sell the lands, said AICC members and TPCC spokesperson G Niranjan.
The Housing Board was formed to provide housing to the poor. How can the state government sell its lands? Though it is a fact that the pandemic has affected the state income it is also a bitter truth that the economic policies of TRS government, lavish spending on projects like new secretariat building, collectorate complexes and other wrong decisions has left the once revenue-surplus state to depend on land auctions to raise revenues, Niranjan alleged.
He demanded that the government lands should be kept for future generations. “Telangana government has no moral right to sell the government lands. The state government is a custodian to preserve and protect these lands for the use of future generations. The ruling TRS leaders should know that they were elected with a responsibility to protect these lands but not to sell,” Niranjan said.
The TRS government recently stripped Eatala Rajender of his ministry and also dropped him from the cabinet on the basis of an alleged occupation of government, temple and assigned lands by him and his family owned hatcheries. Cases were also booked against him and inquiries are going on. “Now the government has decided to sell its lands. How far is it justified,” Niranjan asked?


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