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HYDERABAD: To infuse young blood and get fresh ideas, the TRS has decided to enrol youngsters, especially new voters and neutral voters, into the party fold by offering them membership of the party. The membership drive began on Friday.
Party sources said the leadership wants more youth as opposition parties, especially the BJP, have been able to garner young leaders and activists into their ranks. The TRS believes that a majority of young voters and the unemployed voted in favour of BJP in both Dubbak and GHMC polls. “Generally, every political party focuses on new voters, who attain 18 years of age, during the membership drive. We too want more new voters to join our party,” Bharat Kumar Soma, TRS general secretary and membership incharge for Wanaparthy and Nagarkurnool districts, told TOI.
The TRS has 63 lakh members across the state. The party is aiming at adding another 20 lakh members through the membership drive, which will conclude by this month-end. TRS chief and CM K Chandrasekhar Rao, during the party’s extended executive meeting recently, said that every constituency should have a minimum of 50,000 TRS members.
The TRS leadership told its mandal and district level leaders that young members can actively be involved in party activities. “They are important for us and can influence others during the elections,” a district incharge said.
Party leaders said the membership is being offered in two categories. “While the ordinary membership fee is Rs 50, for active membership it is Rs 100,” a party secretary said. Minister Sathyavathi Rathod said they are planning to enrol at least 50,000 people into the party in every constituency. She said the party was paying nearly Rs 18 crore as premium for the policies of the members. She said the party is planning to give identity cards to active members.


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